Our Top 2021 Case Studies

Drew Barrymore smiling with text by her that reads, "Our top 2021 case studies. Crushed it."

Our Top Case Studies from 2021

We did like a lot, a lot this past year. We told you all about it in our Top 5 Agency Wins and Top 5 PR Wins, but we didn’t even cover the half of it. Lucky for us, you’re here reading this fabulous, not “meta” at all blog, about our favorite case studies from 2021 so we can fill you in on even more of our amazingness.  We won’t be letting up in the new year, but sometimes it’s nice to remember all the kick-ass work we accomplished, especially as we head into strategy, planning, and execution in 2022. 

So without further ado… 

Alpine Events Website

This was one of our favorite website projects. Before we got to design and development we did a lot of strategy and branding work to really knock the site out of the park. We’re also shaking our heads that this was just launched in the past year. Where does the time go?

Mana Pacific Branding 

When Mana Pacific asked us to develop a sleek new logo, we were super excited. The Mana Pacific team rocks and they’re actively finding ways to sustainably empower communities in the Pacific Islands. We had to create a logo that reflected this work, while still embracing the spirit and color palettes of the island communities they work with.

Mana Pacific Website

Once Mana Pacific had a badass brand, the next step was a new website to match. We focused on featuring the communities and land of the Pacific Islands, both in the photos and colors. Seeing is believing, so go check it out for yourself!

Lavender Life, Public Relations Program

We hate to keep tooting our own horn (but do we?) but our project with Lavender Life tells the story for itself. 

The client wanted to amplify their brand and that’s what we did. We strategically curated storylines to touch on topics for upcoming holiday gift guides, seasonal lists and testimonial pieces. This was all to get the product in the right hands. Maybe…the hands of someone like…Drew Barrymore herself? 

Drew ended up loving it and featured it in her Drew’s Doggy Bag segment where she gifted the Comfort Duo to her entire virtual audience. This broadcast to over 15 million viewers and the 150% spike in their sales wasn’t too shabby either. Public Relations works if you trust us and aren’t looking for band-aids. It’s called strategy and patience, my friends. 

Seriously though, how cute is she?

You can check out additional case studies here, and you can hire us here.

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