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We’ve done a lot of reflecting in the past month. From Top 5 PR Wins to our Top 5 Opinions, needless to say 2021 was a really big year for the 8THIRTYFOUR team. 

In an effort to remember all we accomplished, we are writing this blog – we already forgot 90% of these but some people on our team have a better memory than the one who owns it.

2021 Forbes Top PR Agency

When we found out we had been named a 2021 Top 200 PR Agencies by Forbes, our team was sitting at a bar (shocking) in Saugatuck for our staff retreat. We were shocked and we thought it was a scam, not because we doubted our capabilities but because we were the only Michigan agency named to the list.  

What made this honor all the more amazing is we were nominated by someone else in the industry and then Forbes takes the time to research and interview former clients. You cannot self-nominate. 

We pride ourselves on our PR process and approach, we are incredibly proud of the work we have done this past year and we have big plans for 2022.

1365 Plainfield Ave NE

Outside of 8THIRTYFOUR office buildingIf you haven’t had a chance to check out our new digs, reach out to us. We’d love to show you around. It was a goal of the agency to own a building where everything started. If you’re not aware of 8THIRTYFOUR’s origin story, you can read about it here. Creston has always been our home, making it official was a long time coming.

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

People celebratingOne of our least favorite phrases is “small businesses are the backbone of the economy.” It’s a favorite phrase for many elected officials, they like to say it but not pass legislation to actually support small businesses.

The fact is, small businesses create significant economic impact in communities across Michigan. Being recognized as one of 50 was a HUGE honor. Sometimes it’s really nice to have someone else say “Wow, you crushed it. Great job.” 

Each company was selected by their peers, communities and small business support organizations. We were able to celebrate as a team with other businesses demonstrating their resiliency and impact.

New Look

The launch of our new website was earlier in 2021, it was in process for awhile…no need to review the timeline. It is one of our favorite accomplishments because it perfectly reflects who we are and what makes us unique. It’s full of bright colors, patterns and so much snark. You won’t find any buzzwords, stock photography and unnecessary pages. 

I mean you’re already browsing it and reading this amazing blog, so we must’ve done something right.


This isn’t a single occurrence, but we’re pretty damn proud of it. When the thing that shall remain unnamed took us all by surprise in 2020, we took our hits just like all businesses did. We reacted quickly and were able to retain the majority of our staff and most of our clients. In fact we f*cking grew in revenue and added new employees. Like…what? 

When we entered 2021 we had some pretty big goals and if all the invoices are paid in this year (come on guys—help us out), we will absolutely meet that goal. Which was really lofty, by the way. Revenue is one indicator of a goal met, but what’s even more important to us is our team. We really, really like them—they’re a bunch of good eggs. People matter a hell of a lot more than $. Our goal in 2022 will be to maintain our culture and fix the shit we got wrong in 2021.

We’ll always strive to accomplish more and be better—we find comfort in the uncomfortable!

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