A Truly Integrated Communications Agency

We make marketing cool. We’re fun, responsive, affordable (hourly billing is stupid), and results driven. Why would you hire anyone else?

(Do it. You know you want to.)

What the heck is integrated communications? Besides something we are absolutely awesome at, it’s effective communication strategies that leverage all types of media together—marketing, branding and design, public relations, digital, website, content and more—to create the results you want.

Data, people and ideas are how we differentiate ourselves. We measure it, we focus on relationships, and we ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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About Our Culture

Sometimes being different means being better.

We have a kickass culture, and we worked really hard to get it that way. Our core values shape how we work, how we treat others and how we support our community. We make it a priority to address inequity, and it’s reflected in the way we do work.

We’re here to make a difference, and it’s ingrained in everything we do. Our team shapes who we are and where we’re going, and we have a helluva lot of fun getting there.


Public Relations

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a Grand Rapids-based national nonprofit, engaged 8THIRTYFOUR to share survivor stories and garner national media. Our team was able to share the story of twin sisters, Michelle and Katherine, by securing a feature in People Magazine.

"Highly recommend – they have a hardworking team and provide high quality work. Plan to work with this company again because they deliver!"

"Working with 834 Design is easy. They provide detailed updates and have a level of creativity that is beyond anything that I had considered. The staff is energetic and professional. It was a pleasure to work with them. I plan to use them for future marketing needs."

Website Design

You’ll never have to wonder what’s going on with your marketing team again. We provide regular updates, schedule monthly meetings with our clients, and are always ready to hop on a call and talk things through. 

We Love Our Community!

We’ve been hanging in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 14 years, and we gotta say we love this community. Our culture is focused on giving back to the community and the organizations that make it a better place to live, work and play. We’re proud supporters of…a lot. We aren’t name droppers, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on our social media to see who and what and where.