We are who we are, and we’re here because of the community all around us. Grand Rapids, Michigan is our home. While it isn’t perfect, it’s ours. We’re committed to giving back, being involved and speaking up.
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Giving Back

The organizations we support are pretty obvious when you read our blogs or check our social media. We are big fans of small businesses, building women up and working towards equal rights for all. If you feel you’re a good fit for our support, get ahold of us.

We are nothing without our community.

Community Involvement

Our team is proud to give back to the Grand Rapids and West Michigan communities. Check out these great organizations we’ve been involved with over the years.

Need Help? We've Got You.

Our community engagement is focused on fostering mutually beneficial relationships that genuinely benefit the Grand Rapids community, as well as businesses. Community engagement, to us, is more than showing up for committee or board meetings and events.

That’s why we offer in-kind and complimentary services to select nonprofits on a quarterly basis. Know an organization that needs help? Fill out the form below. Think of us as your fairy god-marketers.

Ready to get started?