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Speak Up

Your brand is your voice, and it shouldn’t sound like Fran Drescher (bonus points if you know who that is).

It’s our job, as an extension of your team, to capture your unique brand and personality and then create the content, designs, and messaging that portray who you are as a business. We make sure you shine. Consider us your own personal hype guy.

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As marketing people, we spend a lot of time explaining that a logo is not a brand. It’s part of it, sure…but it is not the whole shebang. When someone requests a rebrand, 9 times out of 10 they just need to use a branding strategy to define their existing brand.

Keep in mind, there is no perfect definition for “brand.” Your brand is the feelings or values that represent your company.

It’s why rebranding can be a bunch of different things.

It’s also why people hire us to manage their brand, rebrand and design.

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