We’re bold. We’re passionate. We get shit done.

Our core values summarize pretty darn accurately why our team kicks ass. We know our shit, we work smarter than the rest, we are not assholes, we put you first, and we fix it.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these cool cats and their weird hobbies, cool community engagement and badass accomplishments. 


People say small is a disadvantage.


We say, “hold our beer.”

Dog rescuer (hoarder), community advocate (vigilante), wine drinker (wino) and proud (obsessed) business owner—often distracted but never deterred.
- Weird hobby: Wallpaper and remodeling travel trailers or cabins
- Cool community engagement: Small Business Association of Michigan
- Badass accomplishment: Being a business owner for almost two decades...oh, and that one time 25,000 lanterns were launched over downtown Grand Rapids

Kim Bode


Honorary Title: #Amy4Prez
- Cool community engagement: Mentor, Grand Rapids Public Schools; Committee Member, Lights on Creston; Committee Member, Best in Creston

Amy Venema

HR & Finance Manager

Honorary Title: Office Apologizer (sorry...)
- Weird hobby: DMing (yes, like D&D), cosplaying...all that nerdy stuff

Rowan Leo

Account Manager

Honorary Title: Steven Spielberg of 8THIRTYFOUR
- Cool community engagement: All the film festivals

Derek Stek

Marketing Specialist

Honorary Title: The Billy Mays of Her Generation (without the baggage)
- Weird hobby: Downloading hundreds of gigabytes of custom content for video games that never get played

Kelsey Kamrowski

Social Media Specialist

Honorary Title: The Office Swiftie
- Weird hobby: Collecting nutcrackers

Emma Nelson

PR & Marketing Associate

Honorary Title: Jedi Master of Art and Design
- Weird hobby: Collecting holiday blow molds
- Community engagement: Cub Scouts Leader; Baseball Coach, Kentwood Baseball League; and Coach, FIRST LEGO League Robotics

Jeffrey Sinning

Lead Graphic Designer

Honorary Title: The Cute-Outfit-Curating Wielder of Wisdom
- Weird hobby: Binge-watching cooking competition shows
- Community engagement: Member, PRSSA National

Lauren Stitt

PR & Marketing Associate

Honorary Title: Hamster Hoarder
- Weird Hobby: Rearranging my room to fit more pets
- Community Involvement: President, Grand Valley PRSSA

Amberly Dzimira


Honorary Title: The Germaphobe
- Weird Hobby: Buying craft supplies like fabric and yarn that I have no time to do anything with!
- Community Involvement: President, GVSU Advertising Club and Vice President, GVSU Graphic Design Club

Selena Alvarado


We’re nimble, smart, fun, and energetically fueled by copious amounts of coffee, margaritas, White Claw, wine, Palomas…you get the point. Stop on in and check out our cool digs. Better yet, buy us a drink. If you don’t hire us by the second round, the third round is on us.