We’re bold. We’re passionate. We get shit done.

Our core values summarize pretty darn accurately why our team kicks ass. We know our shit, we work smarter than the rest, we are not assholes, we put you first, and we fix it.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these cool cats and their weird hobbies, cool community engagement and badass accomplishments. 


People say small is a disadvantage.


We say, “hold our beer.”

Kim Bode


Honorary Title: Office Apologizer (sorry...)

- Weird hobby: DMing (yes, like D&D), cosplaying...all that nerdy stuff

Rowan Leo

Account Manager

Honorary Title: Master of Controlled Chaos

- Weird hobby: Attending all the country music concerts

Ashley Van Wyk

Account Manager

Honorary Title: Diet Coke Supplier

- Weird hobby: All the DIYs

- Community engagement: PRSA member

Alayna McNeil

PR & Marketing Associate

Honorary Title: News Junkie

- Weird hobby: Teaching herself guitar

- Community engagement: Member, King Park Neighborhood Association; Member, PRSA

Maddie Odle

Account Manager

Honorary Title: Plant Dad & Coffee Connoisseur

- Weird hobby: Did I mention plants?

Josh Osborn

Digital Associate

Honorary Title: Thing Knower, Beard Haver

- Weird hobby: Creating and playing music

Stevie Smith

Account Manager

Honorary Title: Pookie

- Weird hobby: Learning German, and when she gets the chance, traveling to German speaking countries as well.

Emily Feikema

PR & Marketing Associate

We’re nimble, smart, fun, and energetically fueled by copious amounts of coffee, margaritas, White Claw, wine, Palomas…you get the point. Stop on in and check out our cool digs. Better yet, buy us a drink. If you don’t hire us by the second round, the third round is on us.