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CoPro+, Website Case Study
CoPro+ Website Case Study

When CoPro+ got in touch with us, it was originally for a completely different project for a totally different brand. Wild, right? If you don’t work in this...

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Two people holding a microphone to an individual as if they are interviewing them
Our Favorite PR Myths

If there’s one thing about us, we love proving people wrong. One evening we were doing what we do best – you know, sipping on something fun while...

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Emma, Derek and Chandler sit around some delicious food "Agency vs. Corporate"
Agency vs. Corporate

We’re kind of partial to the agency world, but we understand it isn’t everyone’s jam. Some people like the dull, mind-numbing corporate world. Fun. We figured we’d break...

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An array of screens fill the room with various faces and shows "Top 6 Key PR Trends of 2023"
Top 6 Key PR Trends in 2023

The times are a-changing and as pop-culture icon and Clueless bestie, Tai Frasier would say, “we are rolling with the homies.” If you are not familiar with recent...

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A pencil wrapped with a ribbon of paper sits between a blue and pink table "Creating a Social Style Guide"
Creating a Social Style Guide

Stop throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks, it ain’t a strategy (much like “ain’t” ain’t a word) and it’s making the rest of us social...

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A calendar lies on a wooden table "Month in Media"
This Month in Media

As a way to combat imposter syndrome, we like to celebrate our wins and take a stroll down memory lane to reflect on the great media we’ve obtained...

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A woman poses for a picture with a giant polaroid prop "Social Media Sizes 2023"
2023 Social Media Image Sizes

It is exhausting keeping up with all the changes Meta makes. Being a social media manager takes all sorts of talents, from juggling all the tasks, staying educated...

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Why the heck is Helvetica so popular and other important things to know about typography"
Why the Heck is Helvetica so Popular?

For today’s class, we’re going to be talking Typography. Typography is the differences between various styles of text that create distinct appearances. For instance, one popular typeface in...

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A closeup of a someone's hands as they scroll through social media on their phone "Social Media Design Trends"
Social Media Design Trends

The world of social media is constantly evolving, and we’re not just talking about the image or video sizing—although there is a blog for that. This blog will...

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