If You Need To Know It, We’ve Got It
An excavator moving dirt in front of the Detroit skyline
Case Study: We Dig Detroit

Here at 8THIRTYFOUR, we work with all kinds of clients. From projects and events to long-term relationships, we’ve got it handled. And that’s what makes today’s case study...

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An ice cream cone, a carnival swing ride, and a bonfire
Summer in Michigan

Summer in Michigan is what songs are written about—just ask Kid Rock. We spend our time outside by fires, inhaling ice cream, boating, and heading to all the...

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A person holds up a megaphone. Text next to it reads, "This week in media."
This Week in Media

Every once in a while, we like to take a look at the events shaping our state and nation—mostly so we can be depressed and validate our fourth...

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A person typing on a laptop behind the words, "What Else Ya Got, Google?"
What Else Ya Got, Google?

When we say, “Google,” what comes to mind? For most people, it’s the good ol’ search console, or maybe for you Android users, it’s your personal assistant. Some...

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"Our Month in Media" on a orange background with dots and line design elements
Our Month in Media

We really do get to pitch the coolest stuff. From Michigan’s most iconic caps, women blasting through glass ceilings, fighting family homelessness in our community and so much...

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A woman holding a "pride" burger from burger king next two a couple bottles of Dove shampoo
Brand Fails

Welcome to our second edition of brand fails, it’s when we call out brands for some really weird, insulting, idiotic products or campaigns. Our 2016 blog was a...

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A man with a scarf tied around his mouth standing in front of a line of microphones
To Speak or Not to Speak

Why do brands these days always have to get political? Um…how can you not? Besides, it’s important, it drives business and create customer loyalty. If you choose to...

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A collage of mood boards from the 80's 70's, and 50's
Creating a Brand Mood Board

Mood boards serve as a bridge between concepts and the creation of a brand.  They are your design process roadmap, if you will. They identify images, fonts, patterns,...

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A line of colorful drinks with fruit and garnishes
Our Favorite Summer Drinks

Summers are made for happy hours on the patio with a cool drink in your hand. We’re kind of experts on drinking, so here are our recs for...

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A magnifying glass hovering over the words "SEO"
3 Tips for Building SEO Strategy

A few years ago, SEO was a niche term—the sort of thing pretentious assholes inserted into their sentences to make themselves feel important without ever really knowing what...

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A pair of boxing gloves next to the words, "Fight or Flight: Handling Negative Reviews"
Fight or Flight

Isn’t it awesome when people take to the internets to air their grievances? As a business, reviews can make or break you and it’s incredibly scary/frustrating/angering to be...

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