If You Need To Know It, We’ve Got It
Pacific Island Coastline
Case Study: Mana Pacific Branding

Strategy and branding projects are some of our favorites. Especially when they are companies making significant steps to make the world a better place. Our client, Mana Pacific...

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Four People at a Conference Table Working Together
Do You Love Your Agency?

Sometimes we feel like a broken record, but this point deserves to be made again and again and again. We set out to be a different type of...

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Television Remote
Old vs. New Media Trends

Salesforce was nice enough to publish a report on consumer media consumption, which basically breaks down our preferences on how and where we binge-watch our shows. We figured...

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Brunch Plates Overview
Best GR Brunch Spots

We like to eat, and we like to couple everything we inhale with a refreshing beverage of the alcohol variety. Since most of us are on our way...

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Lavender field with overlay
Case Study: Lavender Life

If you’ve been following us at all lately, you will know that we have gotten some BIG media wins for our client, Lavender Life. Public relations is all...

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Man talking with his hands with a computer open
Marketing vs. PR vs. Advertising

This is our third time writing this blog on the age-old question, “what is the difference between marketing, public relations, and advertising?” You guys sure know how to...

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Kate Goslin Karen Blog
Control Your Inner Karen

Karen[ CARE-un ] noun Often defined by their signature asymmetrical, blonde “May I speak to the manager?” bob, tendency to make entitled requests the world over and penchant...

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Man typing on computer
Why Domain Authority Matters to PR

We promise this blog will be interesting, albeit it’s title. In the ever-evolving and highly stressful world of public relations, practitioners are often asked “how does PR increase...

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Person sitting on bed
What We’re Reading

As communicators, we read A LOT. Like a lot, a lot. It’s what keeps us sharp and up-to-date on trends in our industry. We read so much it’s...

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Oprah's surprised face
This Week in Crazy Media

In this week’s Week in Media blog, we tackle the royals, burgers and crayons. It’s about to get interesting. Women Belong in the Kitchen That ☝️ right there...

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Phone with Clubhouse App
Our Take on Clubhouse

The latest tool in PR pros’ toolboxes is the invite-only social networking app, Clubhouse. People are going crazy to get access to find out what all the buzz...

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Medical Cannulae
Client Love: MediSurge Website

When it comes to clients and website design and development, we love working with fun people. That’s why we always enjoy meeting up with MediSurge. Although medical device...

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