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Orange and Pink transparent overlay of a young woman outside with bubbles with the words "Observations From a PR Newbie" in white text
Observations From a PR Newbie

As an incoming intern and soon-to-be college senior, I figured I had a pretty solid understanding of what would be expected of me regarding public relations when I...

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Planning Your PR Budget in teal text over a pink photo of a vintage calculator
Planning Your PR Budget

Let’s talk money; it’s basically everyone’s favorite subject. Personally or professionally, you always need to have an idea of how much you are going to spend on an...

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Lessons Learned from TikTok text over a black background with TikTok logos
Lessons Learned From TikTok

Apparently, we’re a little obsessed with TikTok lately…Kim blames this on her brother sending her videos no less than 3 times a day and the staff nonstop discussing...

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Gen Z Slang with multi-colored rings
Gen Z Slang – A Guide

Ever wonder what the hell “cap” means or why people keep throwing around canceled like it’s an adjective? Us too. Which is why we figured, if we can...

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The TikTok logo sits on top of text that reads, "for Brands."
3 Ways Brands are Using TikTok

TikTok users doubled during the pandemic. Let us say that again – doubled. The network has 689 million users internationally – um, wow. Revenue in 2020 is estimated...

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Summer Bevvies text over image of a team cheers
8THIRTYPOUR: Our Go-To Summer Bevvies

It’s officially summer, and that means porch sitting, beach lounging and ice-cold beverages. We wouldn’t be your favorite agency if we didn’t provide you with a bunch of...

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Cabin in the woods
Happy Places

Life is kicking up several paces again, which means our stress is also increasing. We are big on mental health at 8THIRTYFOUR, and that means taking care of...

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8THIRTYFOUR Website Home Page
Case Study: 8THIRTYFOUR Website

We’ve told our clients their online presence needs to represent their brand fully. There’s no point to having great sales decks and print material or, really, even a...

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2021 Design Trends

Are you even a creative firm if you don’t write about design trends for the year? This past year has inspired some pretty cool trends for us creatives....

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Woman with hands on her head with people walking behind her
Your Employees Are Burned Out

Your employees are burned out. They are tired, distracted, short-tempered and just over it. First, the pandemic, then work-from-home and now they are expected to return to work...

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