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Scattered headlines discuss Hermoso, Coco Gauff, Sophie Turner, Barbie, and Dannie Masterson.
The Power of Female Rage

It’s been a heck of a few weeks for women, from Coco Gauff winning the U.S. Open, despite all the naysayers, to the media doing their darndest to...

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"A Love Letter to Fall" is superimposed over apple cider, pumpkins, and fall leaves.
A Love Letter to Fall

Oh fall, how we love thee. Every August we look forward to that amazing day when the scent of PSL fills the air. That first night when you...

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Barbenheimer, Canadian wildfires, and Ron DeSantis
This Week in Media

In this edition of This Week in Media we cover it all – politics, entertainment, celebrities no one cares about and climate change. Kind of feels like we’re...

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A pair of speakers hang attached from a metal pole "Month in Media"
This Month in Media

The 8THIRTYFOUR PR team is hard at work with pitch writing, stalking all the journalists, and navigating summer pitching schedules (insert headache here). We also like to celebrate...

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A sentient robot or AI ponders as it stares into the distance
The Future of PR & AI

As PR specialists, we’re always seeking ways to accomplish our tasks quickly and efficiently, cause we have a lot to do. Artificial Intelligence has become the new buzz...

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CoPro+, Website Case Study
CoPro+ Website Case Study

When CoPro+ got in touch with us, it was originally for a completely different project for a totally different brand. Wild, right? If you don’t work in this industry, you...

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