If You Need To Know It, We’ve Got It
Cabin in the woods
Happy Places

Life is kicking up several paces again, which means our stress is also increasing. We are big on mental health at 8THIRTYFOUR, and that means taking care of...

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8THIRTYFOUR Website Home Page
Case Study: 8THIRTYFOUR Website

We’ve told our clients their online presence needs to represent their brand fully. There’s no point to having great sales decks and print material or, really, even a...

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2021 Design Trends

Are you even a creative firm if you don’t write about design trends for the year? This past year has inspired some pretty cool trends for us creatives....

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Woman with hands on her head with people walking behind her
Your Employees Are Burned Out

Your employees are burned out. They are tired, distracted, short-tempered and just over it. First, the pandemic, then work-from-home and now they are expected to return to work...

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Woman searching through bag wearing headphones
Podcasts We’re Digging

Since ya’ll were digging the shows we’re obsessed with, we figured it only made sense to share our favorite podcasts. No surprise here, there are some seriously creepy...

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pink power tools
Say Goodbye to Gendered Marketing

If you come at us with pink power tools or some antiquated housewife advertising, you are practically guaranteeing we won’t buy your product. Assuming women will go wild...

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Scrolling Mana Pacific Website
Case Study: Alpine Events Website

Our client, Alpine Events, needed a website as versatile, eye-catching and cool as their company and events. When a client gives us the go-ahead to create something fantastic...

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Pacific Island Coastline
Case Study: Mana Pacific Branding

Strategy and branding projects are some of our favorites. Especially when they are companies making significant steps to make the world a better place. Our client, Mana Pacific...

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Four People at a Conference Table Working Together
Do You Love Your Agency?

Sometimes we feel like a broken record, but this point deserves to be made again and again and again. We set out to be a different type of...

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Television Remote
Old vs. New Media Trends

Salesforce was nice enough to publish a report on consumer media consumption, which basically breaks down our preferences on how and where we binge-watch our shows. We figured...

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Brunch Plates Overview
Best GR Brunch Spots

We like to eat, and we like to couple everything we inhale with a refreshing beverage of the alcohol variety. Since most of us are on our way...

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Lavender field with overlay
Case Study: Lavender Life

If you’ve been following us at all lately, you will know that we have gotten some BIG media wins for our client, Lavender Life. Public relations is all...

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