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8THIRTYFOUR Blog - How To Ace Your Next Job Fair Alayna standing at a job fair booth
How to Ace Your Next Job Fair

As graduation looms for many students, nailing an entry-level job can be quite the challenge. We’ve picked up on a few job fair and networking trends and bundled...

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8THIRTYFOUR Blog: Taylor + Disney+ Taylor swift dancing by a disney logo
Disney + Taylor = Masterminds

Taylor has done it again, but this time with help from Disney.  For all those who are not totally obsessed with Taylor Swift (It’s me, hi. I’m a...

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8THIRTYFOUR Let's Talk About Badass Women Modern 2024 Blog graphic with Mary Hulst, Gretchen Whitmer, Jennifer Coulter-Lissman, Teresa Moon, and Alissa Roath
Let’s Talk About Badass Women

March is a time to take a breather, reflect, and shout out the incredible women who’ve rocked history and today’s world. It’s all about fierce stories of grit,...

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case study image for lean steel blog post
Case Study: LeanSteel

Believe it or not, we do a lot more than social media, PR, and websites. We excel at crafting kickass videos, too. We recently collaborated with Ruby+Associates to...

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8THIRTYFOUR Why We Love WordPress 2024 Blog A computer screen with 8THIRTYFOUR's website displayed
Why We Love WordPress

There are a lot of ways to build websites, and everyone you ask will have their favorite. If there’s one thing we digital nerds are good at, it’s...

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8THIRTYFOUR Actions Speak Louder than Words Blog Wooden blocks with the words actions speak louder than words onthem
Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Instead of some sappy blog about love and hearts, we’re gonna share our love for the organizations and the people making a BIG difference in our community and...

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8ThirtyFour Blog: PR Topics Were Obsessed Wtih
PR Topics We’re Obsessed With

In our opinion, PR is sort of like God. Intangible, yet omniscient. Everything boils down to public relations. You could call it magic and your favorite PR pros...

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woman typing on a keyboard graphic for 8THIRTYFOUR Blog post research tools we love
Research Tools We Love

Media has a habit of making the marketing industry seem like there’s always something wild happening. Starlettes fly across the country on private jets, bosses kick down doors...

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less is more govcon blog graphic with capitol building
Less is More in GovCon Messaging

GovCon marketing is a game of skill, strategy, and precision. Every message you send out to a government agency has to hit its mark with laser-like accuracy, addressing...

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wooden blocks with new year new star on them
The Anti-Resolution Blog

As we approach the New Year, it can be tempting to make resolutions for your business – like increasing sales, updating your digital presence, or trying something new....

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inside influencer marketing blog
Inside Influencer Marketing

 In our recent Happy Hour Hustle podcast, we invited influencers Aly Zuidervenn and Chelsea Sinke (@helloalymay and @mygrandrapidslife) to chat about the ever-changing world of influencer marketing.  Influencer...

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taylor swift dancing with her arm up
The T Swift Edition

First off, congrats to Taylor Swift on being named Time’s Person of the Year. Very well-deserved. She’s a Fearless Leader Not only is she one of the most...

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Papers showcasing brand fonts and colors are strewn on a table.
Did You License That?

Navigating the legalities of fonts can be a perplexing endeavor, particularly for busy entrepreneurs and marketers striving to make their content shine in the crowded online realm. How...

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