If You Need To Know It, We’ve Got It
Crossing out Girl Boss on a notebook
Goodbye to the Girl Boss

It’s time to say goodbye to the terms, ‘girl boss,’ ‘mompreneur,’ ‘She-EO’ and all the offshoots of these. They aren’t cutesy, they aren’t empowering and they need to...

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It’s on You to Build Your Network

This blog comes directly from Kim! In the past few months, I have been solicited multiple times through LinkedIn, email or phone. These individuals always have a great...

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Roxane Gay stares at the camera.
Oh, How We Love Thee

We know V-day happened this past Sunday, but we do what we want. In honor of this Valentine’s Day, we are writing love notes to those we admire,...

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Glue Dripping
This Week in Crazy Media

In this week’s edition of “shit you’re just not gonna believe,” we present the following. We’re sleeping better now We can’t wait to order GoodPillow, the brainchild of...

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Empty chairs in room
Take Up Space

Recently, several members of our team took part in a workshop designed to teach us how to have more effective communication with our clients, especially when it came...

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A black mug that says "Hustle" sitting on a table.
It’s All About the Hustle

This post comes to you directly from Kim. PR seems like a sexy field, am I right? If you’re older like me, then you think of Samantha from...

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punch today in the face
Culture, Our Favorite C-Word

A staggering 61% of Americans experience loneliness. In the COVID-19 era, just 37% of full-time workers exhibit high levels of resilience—or the ability to recover quickly from challenges—according...

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Winter Color Palettes

It’s winter, in Michigan and we have at least 60 more days of it. It’s hard to tell when we’re spending all day, every day inside. Get outside...

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Charts and bar graphs
Planning for 2021 Marketing

First thing’s first. If you missed part 1 of this blog, check it out here. Good to go? Okay. Preparing for a new year is always stressful. Hell,...

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The 8THIRTYFOUR 2020 Recap

We shared with you our favorite stories of 2020, cause we all needed to remember that 2020 wasn’t ALL bad. We did some really cool stuff this year,...

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a person working on their laptop
Building SEO Through PR

We’re all working towards great SEO and a high domain authority, aren’t we? There are so many ways to get there, but a lot of people only think...

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