If You Need To Know It, We’ve Got It
Cubi Market logo over a white overlay and groceries sitting on a counter.
Cubi PR Case Study

If you live in and around West Michigan, you may have noticed some bright blue locker/shipping containers pop up in Eastown or downtown Holland. Our client, Cubi Market...

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A person standing in a field of flowers surrounded by a wheat circular overlay, with the text, "Rediscovering Joy."
Rediscovering Joy at Work

When did we start using the phrase Sunday Scaries? What it is referring to is the anxiety many of us have about the week ahead. It seems we’ve...

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TOC Website scrolling gif
TOC Website Case Study

TOC Logistics International is one of those clients who has a super special place in our hearts. Maybe that’s because we’ve been working with them for almost a...

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Red hearts with electrical plug-in adapters, hovering on a web browser screen, with the text "Website Plugins We're Obsessed With."
Website Plugins We’re Obsessed With

One of our more popular blogs (it really wasn’t) we’ve ever written was on website plugins and our recommended go-tos to improve your site’s functionality and usability. Since...

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A background of fall leaves in orange, red, and brown, with text "Our Favorite Fall Activities."
Our Favorite Fall Activities

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR FALL!!! Every fall, we share our favorite activities, this isn’t a blog you ever ask for, but we simply do not care. We...

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Teal background with red hearts and a "Log In" website button and a text overlay, "Website design trends we love."
Website Design Trends

Do you even exist if you don’t have a website? The answer is no, which is why we are writing another blog on website trends and user experience....

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The silhouette of people in business attire with the text, "Managing YOU."
Managing YOU

Every single one of us is working more independently than ever before. We can thank the pandemic for that, which also means we have to do a better...

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A white brick wall with teal painted dog, golden guinea pic, and hearts, with the text, "Won't You Be Our Neighbor?"
Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Hi, 👋🏼 As you’ve probably noticed from our socials, we are in a new location on the NE side of Grand Rapids, known as Creston, and we are...

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handwritten text stating "Is Writing a Lost Art?" in purple on a notebook with teal squiggles on the corner
Is Writing a Lost Art?

We’re beginning to think writing will soon be a lost art, like cursive writing. Apparently, not everyone had a 3rd-grade teacher (thanks Mrs. Thomasma) who beat you with...

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Orange text saying "Working Harder Isn't Smarter" over top of a dark and light blue swirled background
Work Smarter, Not Harder

We have five core values our team lives by, and one of those is “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Ironically, this was originally “We Work Harder Than the Rest.”...

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2021 State of PR in yellow text that is right aligned over a multicolored background
2021 State of PR

Muck Rack recently came out with their 2021 State of PR. The report covers PR challenges, tech, media outreach, digital, measurement and budgets. All VERY exciting stuff for...

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Orange and Pink transparent overlay of a young woman outside with bubbles with the words "Observations From a PR Newbie" in white text
Observations From a PR Newbie

As an incoming intern and soon-to-be college senior, I figured I had a pretty solid understanding of what would be expected of me regarding public relations when I...

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Planning Your PR Budget in teal text over a pink photo of a vintage calculator
Planning Your PR Budget

Let’s talk money; it’s basically everyone’s favorite subject. Personally or professionally, you always need to have an idea of how much you are going to spend on an...

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