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A young woman raises her hands and smiles while wearing a VR headset "VR in Marketing"
Virtual Reality in Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer just a concept from a sci-fi movie, it’s weaving itself into every aspect of our lives, including marketing. According to experts, the...

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2023 Planning in 2023
2023 Planning…in 2023

If you’re just rolling around to planning for this year, welcome. You are not alone. It’s 2023 and we’re all doing our best. Does anyone really write a...

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Rows of auction bidding paddles are anxiously raised "What the Heck is Google Ad Bidding?"
What the Heck is Google Ad Bidding?

You’ve written the copy, identified your keywords, and set your budget…but now Google’s asking you what bidding strategy you’d like to choose. Huh? No one prepped you for...

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Six young adults, millennials, and gen Zers lean aginst a concrete wall while on their phones with social icons floating above them "KPI vs. Vanity Metrics"
KPI vs. Vanity Metrics

We love numbers. Whether they’re cumulative engagement numbers, little lines on graphs, or slices of a data pie, we’re wild about the metrics that track our work. Our...

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This Month in Media
This Month in Media

Well howdy do, it’s 2023. We plan to start out every blog for the immediate future reminding ourselves it’s 2023 – apologies in advance. As you know, we...

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Two glasses of beers clink together for a cheers "New Year's Anti-Resolutions"

It’s 2023. Dear people who make resolutions: We know you are busy flooding local gyms, the produce section in the grocery store and are also not having a...

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A hand stacking blocks with a blue background, surrounded by orange and green graphic elements, and the words "how to build marketing personas".
How To Build Marketing Personas

OMG you guys! It’s our first blog of 2023. It felt fitting to focus on identifying your customer base and what influences them to buy or interact with...

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A popping champagne bottle rests next to the words, "5 Tips for Holiday Cheer."
5 Tips for Holiday Cheer

It’s Santa! I know him! We full on embody the spirit of Buddy the Elf during the holidays and that shit can be EXHAUSTING. Which is why, we...

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A woman puts her hands to her head in frustration because her site didn't show up on Google's front page the first day it launched
SEO Doesn’t Happen Overnight

If there’s one thing we get asked all the time, it’s “how long will it take until my brand/website/product shows up on the first page of Google?” What...

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A group of millennials and gen-Z hanging out on their phones while sitting on a couch
2023 Social Trends

Another year ends, bringing with it the same damn thing as last year—another 365 days of keeping up with the Joneses on social media. So let’s get ahead,...

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A man scratching his head in pain as he tries to wrap his mind around SEO
SEO for Dummies

There’s a lot to know about digital. Like, a lot. And let’s be honest, it’s like super confusing unless you’re nerds like us.  At the very least, we...

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Some gifts and Christmas decorations lie on top of a red table "All We Want for Christmas"
All We Want for Christmas

Unlike Mariah Carey, we do care what presents are under the Christmas tree. As professional ball jugglers, there are certain things that keep us sane, organized and happy….and...

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A toddler is window shopping and pointing to some baked goods "Lights on Creston Case Study"
Case Study: Lights on Creston

Guess what? It’s freakin’ Christmas.  The holidays are here, and if you didn’t know, we’re huge fans. We have twelve (yes, twelve) trees in the office, wreaths all...

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An array of different colored pumpkins sit on top of a wooden table "Let's Get Thankful"
Let’s Get Thankful

These blogs are a great reminder when we’re having a shit day to remember we have the best clients, team, family, co-workers, pets and more. It’s a good...

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A line of microphones stand on a hardwood desk under the words "how to be a good interview source"
How to be a Good Interview Source

Before you start fidgeting and anxiously bouncing your leg at the thought of a media interview, just breathe — or gulp down a glass of something strong. We’re...

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"This Month in Media"
This Month in Media: October

Another month, more earned media. Want the scoop on what we’ve secured? You don’t have to ask us twice. Meals on Wheels Western Michigan October was a busy...

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