A Man is Allowed to React. A Woman can only Overreact.

Margot Robbie header image from golden globes

It feels like we just talked about this. So let’s make one thing clear. We don’t bring it up over and over again because we enjoy talking about how fucked up and misogynistic this world is. Everybody else seems to do that for us. You know what we’re about to bring up. Wait, what is his name? 

The Golden Globes chose a man who nobody has ever heard of to host. Which we totally support! Everyone needs their big shot. He had his opportunity-of-a-lifetime, put on his little tux-we mean that literally- and brought not talent, not humor, but audacity and ill-educated quips. If you can even call them that, the word does imply cleverness. Not so sure that applies here. 

Mr. Nobody positioned his joke about Barbie by first exalting the story of another man *shocking* to tear down the movie. His comments on it being about a plastic doll make it painfully clear that he didn’t watch the movie. Or even more embarrassingly, that he did watch, was slapped in the face by the very artfully put-together point (shoutout Greta), and still somehow managed to miss it. 

Barbie was about the impossibility of being a woman and the constant contradictions we face of the roles we have to fill. It was cathartic for women everywhere. And once again was reduced to nothing through the lens of a man’s perception, simply because he thought it was just for women(not so, by the way). If the Barbie movie couldn’t get the message through, well we’re just disgusted. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love an edgy joke more than anyone, but if you’re gonna toe the line, for the love of Christ at least make it fucking funny. Today, all comedians can rest well knowing that this person will never have a chance at holding a position of representation for the rest of them because he cannot be defined as one (comedian that is). He would have to first be intelligent, have a good grasp of a crowd, be able to pivot quickly and understand the public at large.

Barbie made $1.442 billion at the box office. Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing. The consequences for this asshole have been brought forth by said powerful group. Each attempt at belittling us becomes weaker and more desperate than the last. As repulsive as this whole event was, we smell progress. 

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