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Sexism in Media Blog: Lady Gaga, Nicole Coughlan, and Kelly Clarkson next to a sign reading "stop talking about our bodies"

One of the PR tools we use is Qwoted, which we highly recommend. Why we love this tool could be a whole blog of its own, but we recently came across an expert request that inspired this one instead.

Redefining 'News' vs. 'Gossip'

The request read: “Need experts to weigh in on Kelly Clarkson weight loss (injectible and a diet)”

To be fair, context was provided that the article’s goal was to shed light on what weight loss drugs are safe, who can access them, etc., which is a fair topic to discuss. But why do we have to use Kelly Clarkson as clickbait for your article on weight loss discussions?

We are sick and tired of women’s bodies being used for headlines. This isn’t just on the writers either, stop clicking on them. The fact that it’s even up for discussion, for the public to rip them apart, is exhausting.

And Kelly Clarkson is far from the only example. Who’s a woman that people LOVE to tear down the bigger she gets? You guessed it: Taylor Swift. After a few poorly angled shots from one of her concerts, pregnancy rumors and gossip immediately ensued. And when we say gossip, we mean it. Don’t call that shit news.

A woman’s body and personal choices are none of your business, and not for your entertainment. Lady Gaga is currently going through similar pregnancy rumors, which Swift called invasive and irresponsible. Very well-put.

It’s not all talk. These bullshit headlines and the misogyny they inspire have real-life consequences. Recently, when a woman spoke out about not being hired for a corporate job over her appearance, career experts said this is all too common. Smile. Don’t be rude. Wear your hair down. Dress appropriately. Prepare for everything but your intelligence and qualifications to be dissected.

Are you tired yet? We are.

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