When we’re asked what sets us apart as an integrated communications agency, we quickly point out our amazing track record. Then we share our three uniques: data, people, and ideas. 

Integrated = cohesive, connected, results-oriented, and strategically focused.

Data guides everything we do. Our talented team uses numbers and creative ideas to create, implement, and measure our clients’ communications strategies.

people data ideas written on a chalk board with Kim Bode standing in front of it


To us, algorithms, charts, numbers and patterns are the most fascinating things in our world. Data exists for a reason, and we use it for exactly that reason—to tell us what is delivering results and what isn’t. We measure EVERYTHING: impressions, traffic, clicks, views, likes, engagements, shares, conversions…you get the idea. All the actions we take are correlated back to a measurable metric, which is analyzed and adapted…and that is where the magic happens.


Clients hire us because they like us, and frankly, what’s not to like? We are fun, hardworking, sarcastic, hilarious and really damn good at integrated communications. We hire the best of the best and the smartest of the smart (you get the idea). It’s what allows our ‘small’ agency to accomplish some pretty big shit. By the way, ‘small’ to us means we accomplish far more than marketing agencies three or four times our size do, all with a fraction of the staff. Why? Because our people and our processes kick some serious ass. At the end of the day, everything we do is about real people and actual conversations.


We’ve floated 25,000 Chinese Lanterns over the Grand Rapids Skyline and placed in ArtPrize’s Top 10 mere hours before the deadline. Another time, we organized a citywide scavenger hunt that was historically based, with talking pictures and tour guides in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. It was staffed, organized, designed, marketed and promoted by…you guessed it: 8THIRTYFOUR. We don’t shy away from the unknown, seemingly insurmountable or scary…hell, we create it, manage it and implement the hell out of it. 8THIRTYFOUR was built on big ideas. It’s our normal.

If you really want to experience our culture, attend one of our many events or just read our blogs. They are rife with sarcasm, humor and insight.

We really do kick ass, and we’d love to show you.

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