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Taylor has done it again, but this time with help from Disney. 

For all those who are not totally obsessed with Taylor Swift (It’s me, hi. I’m a top 2% fan on Spotify in 2023. It’s me.), Taylor released The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) on Disney+ on March 14. If you are thinking, what is Taylor’s Version craziness? First, where have you been the past two years? Second, just read this

The reason that it’s so exciting to watch Taylor’s Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) on Disney+ is that previously, you had to spend $19.89 (a genius amount as it is referencing the 1989 album) on streaming channels to watch the movie, but now it’s included in your Disney+ subscription and features new songs that were not in the original film shown in theaters (literally could write a separate blog post about the strategy behind releasing the films in this way…again Taylor being a Mastermind.) 

What makes this even better is that Disney+ has organized its movies to match each era of Taylor’s albums

So, if you are looking for Cinderella, you will find it under the Midnight’s album or The Little Mermaid under 1989, as that is the year it was released. What makes this so amazing is that Disney understands their Swiftie audience. Swifties love a good reference to Taylor, and this is the perfect way to launch what will be one of the biggest spotlights of Taylor’s career, which will be watched millions of times for years to come. If you are scrolling on TikTok or Instagram today, Swifties everywhere are sharing Disney+ organization with an overkill of excitement. So not only are Swiftie’s rushing to Disney+ to watch the movie, they are sharing their experience all over social media. 

If you are not jumping on the Taylor bandwagon, that’s fine, but don’t expect it to go away any time soon. With Taylor’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department, being released on April 19, having her “Taylor Swift” and “Reputation” albums yet to be released as Taylor’s Version, and many more concerts to take place, this craze is not going away anytime soon.  


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