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We write these blogs mostly for ourselves because half of these wins seem like they were 3 years ago versus this past year. Also, we often forget how much we’ve accomplished in the past year as an integrated communications firm. PR pros are always striving for great coverage for clients, but once it is secured, it’s like it never happened and we’re back to the grind.

So we’re going to reflect for a moment and you’re all forced to join us. Here are our Top 5 PR Wins of 2021. 

Highlighting the important stuff

PR does not work alone, we launched an integrated communications campaign around Autism Awareness Month. We had multiple storylines which were targeted at certain outlets. They ranged from types of therapies, dispelling autism myths and the benefits of hiring an autistic individual. 

Our client, Gateway Pediatric Therapy is doing amazing work and their growth to over 15 locations further proves the need for the services they provide.

Results: 7 articles published
Reach: 2,056,417 unique visitors per month

Saying “I do”

Among the many working relationships we have built over the years, genuine ones with reporters (be it for local or national publications) hold a special place in our hearts. Over the past year, we were able to create an incredible relationship with nationally respected wedding publication, The Knot, reporter Sarah Hanlon over her and PR Manager, Jules’ shared love of Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and pop culture. It all started with a pitch for client Alpine Events regarding how to best prepare for a summer wedding and the rest is history (not to be confused with the 2016 One Direction hit that Jules and Sarah have also bonded over). 

The result of creating these authentic relationships is that it isn’t transactional! They catch up over coffee/happy hour video calls, Sarah vets Jules’ pitches and provides feedback, Sarah reaches out when she needs an expert to speak on wedding rentals, and trust and believe they stay in each other’s DM’s on Instagram hyping each other up regularly. 

Over the past year this friendship has created content on prepping for summer weddings, Bridgerton inspired weddings and the ultimate checklist for anyone planning a wedding celebration. 

Results: 3 articles published
Reach: 28,545,453 unique visitors per month
Real-Life Results: One fabulous friendship

Supporting Small Biz

We are a sucker for a good story and Stormy Kromer is a heck of one. It’s hard not to fall in love with the history of their story (Over 100 years of these hats), their vision and the people who make it all happen. That being said, we knew we had to hype them, on a national level. This kicked off an integrated campaign with social media, influencer marketing (don’t roll your eyes at us, yet) and you know it…PR.  

We’re talking months of strategic pitching, media lists and research that brought us to one of the most exciting PR wins in 2021. 

Hold on to your seats because this led to the holy grail of Black Friday/Cyber Weekend goodness: The Today Show

Results: 56 Articles Featured (Over 20 syndicated stations)
Reach: 521, 858,796 unique visitors per month (yes, millions with an M)
Real-Life Results: My mom showed the segment to all her friends at work, like we were the famous ones. KIDDING. 

This integrated campaign resulted in a record-breaking sales weekend with a 14% increase in conversions and a 4% increase in average cart value. 

Medical Mile

PR isn’t always press releases and earned media. It’s organizing events, getting the right people there and making it memorable for the brand you’re representing. 

Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing is leading the life sciences industry in commercial injectables on a national level. But on a local level, they are an incredible part of what makes Grand Rapids who they are. 

The multiple expansions from GRAM made a ripple through the community and it was time to bring the news to the top. Inviting local changemakers, regional and state representatives to U.S. Senators to support the life-changing science happening in our city. This sequence of outreach resulted in U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow to speak on behalf of GRAM’s efforts and support in crucial vaccine production

A groundbreaking event is no small feat. We handled everything from the event coordination, creative support, content development and public relations. And that, friends, is what we like to call integrated communications. 

Results: 10 Articles Features
Reach: 8,340,734 unique visitors per month

International Logistics

When people think of PR (our parents and clients) they think of coverage on or in The Today Show, Drew Barrymore Show or Wall Street Journal – well that isn’t where most of our efforts go. Sure we’ve secured two out of three of those, but PR is about the most beneficial coverage for our clients and it has to deliver results for them. We want potential customers to call them because they’ve heard them chatting on the Supply Chain Brain podcast or read their supply chain predictions in Inbound Logistics.

Our client, TOC International Logistics would be considered by many “less sexy” of a client than say a gay resort or van life company but what they do impacts life around us and it sure is cool when you dig into it. We are proud to represent them, going on 8+ years.

Results: 11 articles published
Reach: 101,288,414 unique visitors per month

These are just a few of the amazing campaigns we worked on in 2021. We can’t wait to BRING it in 2022. We’ve got a lot of pressure on us as a Forbes Top PR Agency.

If you’re looking for your very own hype man, you know where to find us.

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