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As marketers or business owners, a lot of work goes into making our businesses successful – from gaining new customers to keeping current ones happy. We often forget the little victories and focus on the negative stuff happening in our lives or the world.  

Everyone likes to focus on gratitude during the holiday season, so we figured we’d pile on. This has become more of an affirmation blog than gratitude, but we do what we want.

You’re Stronger Than You Think

This year has truly been a kick in the pants. With a series of unexpected challenges to overcome, it has tested our resilience in ways we never imagined. Look for our book in 2024.

One of the most valuable lessons this rollercoaster ride has taught us is the importance of perspective. When life knocks you down and you find yourself at rock bottom, it is in those moments that you discover the true extent of your abilities and inner strength. It’s a reminder that no matter how difficult things may seem, they can always be worse, and that gives us the motivation to keep pushing forward.

So, as we navigate through these uncertain times, remember that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Embrace the unexpected, trust in your own resilience, and let it fuel your determination to rise above any adversity that comes your way. The journey may be tough, but the destination will be all the more rewarding.

Client Love (It’s More Than Just a Hashtag)

Well, this year has been like a never-ending roller coaster, right? But one thing we know for sure: our clients are the bomb! We’re lucky to work with businesses and leaders we totally respect, value, and trust. Finding the perfect fit takes some trial and error, but when we do, it’s pure magic! And hey, if you want the receipts, we’ve got case studies for days.

Seriously though, we owe everything to our awesome clients. So here’s our love letter to each and every one of you: 2023 was a wild ride, but hold on tight, ’cause things are only gonna get better from here. Buckle up and enjoy the adventure!

The World’s Best Team 

As marketers, we often find ourselves juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. Occasionally, we may drop the ball, so having an exceptional team by our side is crucial. Here at 8THIRTYFOUR, we are fortunate to boast the absolute best individuals.

In this world of immense pressure, fierce competition, and soaring expectations, we are immensely grateful for the reliable people who support us. Whether it’s lending a hand during unexpected car troubles (which happen more often than you’d expect) or providing much-needed encouragement after a challenging week, it’s simply what we do.

At 8THIRTYFOUR, we place great emphasis on cultivating strong relationships with our clients, community, and each other. Our work family is truly a blessing that makes it effortless for us to succeed.

Anything but Monotony

It’s easy to get caught up in this fast-paced world as the days blur together. We want the best for all our clients, which means things move quickly. But every now and then, we get asked, “So, what does a day in your life look like?” And when we struggle to answer, it’s because we are lucky enough to work in an industry that exempts us from monotony. 

Every single day is different. When unexpected challenges come our way, it can be stressful. However, it’s the plot twists that truly captivate us and keep us engaged. Our days fly by because we are never bored. And to never be bored is a gift unto itself. We really do feel bad for you if you can’t relate. 

The Little Things

In a world filled with Forbes articles and celebrity endorsements, it’s effortless to become enamored by the allure and glamour of the industry. However, let’s take a moment to appreciate the small gestures that leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s surprising a new client with a thoughtful gift basket, sending a heartfelt present to new parents, or simply taking the time to write a personal note, these tiny touchpoints in our client relationships remind us all of our shared humanity. In a digital age where inboxes overflow with countless emails and phones incessantly buzz with social notifications, it’s refreshing to interrupt the day with a physical expression that says, “Hey, someone out there is rooting for you.”

So, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who sends us those little messages, uplifting words, and unexpected surprises. We sincerely hope that the gestures we extend to you brighten your days, even if they bring just a fraction of the joy that your thoughtful acts of kindness bring to our lives.

2024 and Beyond 

At 8THIRTYFOUR, we are dedicated to broadening our horizons, making a meaningful impact, and leaving a lasting impression through everything we do. Our efforts extend beyond collaborations in GovCon and defense; we also partner with STEM-based non-profits and support local film festivals. We take our mission of making a difference seriously, yet we embrace the joy of the journey by including our furry friends and indulging in spirited libations. Our outreach is expanding, creating a significant impact and inspiring future generations to explore the thrilling world of PR. Join us on this exhilarating #AgencyLife adventure!

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