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We were discussing blogs the other day, something we actually do quite often and we realized we have tackled a lot of topics this past year. Due to all this amazing content we decided to launch the “Top 5” series. We’ll dive into our media wins, campaigns, agency accomplishments, team achievements and more. Prepare to be dazzled.

We figured we’d start off with several of the blogs we’ve written which have made our opinions or thoughts on a subject very known. So out of character for us, right?

We present, our Top 5 Opinion Blogs (according to us and no one else):

Gendered Marketing

Weirdly this blog had some very different responses. You can guess what camp we were firmly entrenched in, but others felt advertising needed to be very specific to men or women…which doesn’t even account for those who don’t fit into these gender roles. Shortsighted, we think you are (channeling Yoda). 

The reality is simple; Companies need to think outside gender, be inclusive or face extinction.

Click here to find out how we really feel on this subject.

Girl Boss

Women are the equal of men, period. By saying this, we need to abolish sexist terms like girl boss, mompreneur, She-EO, etc. 

Using terms like the above undermines the very achievements they were coined to cheer on. The need for a gendered qualifier instantly sets women’s accomplishments apart from those of our masculine colleagues. Like the now frowned-upon term “female athlete” and “actress” before it, they assume male dominance.

We need to demand equality at home and in the workplace.

Read on for our use of the “V” word. 

Code of Ethics: Trump Administration

Oh hey, if you’re just tuning in, we really really don’t like this guy. His administration was full of lies, insurrection and plagued by scandal (which we are still uncovering to this day). Our blog was specific to the PR industry’s code of ethics, which we all make a pledge to uphold. It is also what keeps us employable. 

Allowing individuals such as Spicer, Hicks, Conway and McEnany to continue to be employed in our industry is unacceptable. They chose their lies, and we must choose truth.

Read the smackdown here. 

The Great Resignation

We did a podcast, several blogs, spoke to the media about it; you name it, we’ve done it so we could help frame the conversation. Frankly, a lot of the blame lies with employers, for not listening, being flexible, adapting to a changing world and all around having a shitty culture because they never bothered with it in the first place.

We get real annoyed in our blog and also on our podcast. 

That’s So Meta

This isn’t exactly hard-hitting news, but we definitely have an opinion on Meta; starting with the fact it is a stupid name and worse logo. This blog received no pushback because everyone agreed with us, Meta is dumb.

The blog pulled a variety of memes and tweets we laughed our asses off about. We encourage you to reread (cause obvs you read this the first time it published) and relive the absolute absurdity of the name and logo. 

Read the full blog here.

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