That’s so Meta

Meta logo on a white background with the text, "That's so Meta"

If you haven’t heard the news that Facebook has changed their name to “Meta” then you’re probably living your best life off the grid. Since the announcement was made, our digital-loving-selves have been drinking from the Twitter firehose and we gotta tell ya, there is some real great stuff out there. 

As a group of creative brains that craft strategies and manage rebrands, we’re looking at this through a microscope. 

We could dive into what the actual f*ck a “metaverse company” is, the Facebook Papers and that small $14 million discrimination settlement, but we’ll save that for another blog, in the meantime here are some memes. 

When you see the logo for the first time: 

If you are coincidentally a creative marketing and branding agency and have been watching this rebrand unfold: 

There’s also an emoji for this and it’s: 🥴

If you’re a Succession fan that happens to be just as confused as the rest of us: 

When you finally see it:

And to wrap it up with some good old fashioned creativity: 

No meta (get it?) the way you slice it, the rebrand is odd. Considering a rebrand for yourself? Don’t be like Facebook—hire a branding company with expertise in strategy… Let’s chat.

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