A Love Letter to Our Clients

A thank you letter addressed to “Our Clients” from 8THIRTYFOUR rests on a team member’s desk.

We’re not big into feelings and lovey-dovey stuff over here but we have to tell you, 2021 wouldn’t have happened without our incredible clients. 

Partnering with small businesses, non-profit organizations and even international corporations is no small feat for a team of our size. We take pride in the tailored approach we deliver to all of our clients and in turn, we’ve had a record-breaking year. 

We’ve been able to be part of some pretty damn big things! We’ve pushed 26 businesses into the 21st century with new websites and a foundation for digital growth. We’ve had over 500 pieces of earned media for organizations that trusted us to get their message in the right hands. We’ve had 15 businesses ask for our expertise to rebrand and position them in the right audiences. We’ve had 34 companies need comprehensive strategies for everything from their messaging, branding, public relations down to launch and specific campaigns. 

Without all of you, our clients, we wouldn’t have gained the professional relationships and authentic friendships that we have today. That is something we won’t ever be able to thank you for enough. 

Thank you for making 8THIRTYFOUR who we were in 2021, we can’t wait to see what we do together in 2022. Now hold onto your pants, shit’s about to get real. 

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