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If you’ve been following us at all lately, you will know that we have gotten some BIG media wins for our client, Lavender Life. Public relations is all about relationships and we are REALLY good at making them. People like us. I mean, what’s not to like?

Lavender Life runs a 30+ acre farm in West Michigan and produces a variety of products which they sell through their e-commerce store. The store offers lavender goods within bath & spa, culinary, skincare, baby and more.


We were brought on to make shit happen; so we did. 

The owners of Lavender Life, the Bennetts, were always known for their Xander Bunny and the corresponding foster care efforts. However, they needed to draw attention to the other product lines to continue the company’s growth. 


Our goal was to first focus on what we call “lists” in public relations, this can be Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, seasonal etc. – you get the drift. This means lots of product needed to go out to reporters, bloggers and influencers. This was only part of our strategy as we focused on telling the story of the company, the family behind it and the amazing skincare and spa items. . 

We had a goal of 6-8 pieces over the time of engagement, typically spanning a year. National takes time, you don’t land on The Today Show without some serious legwork.  Public relations is a long game, focused on building relationships – we want the media to come back to you time and time again…

That being said, stay fricken tuned. 

Our recommendations, you ask?

You know us PR pros are idea people. So naturally, we had TONS of ideas and recommendations. One of the first ones is always to understand their competitors. What are they doing that our client isn’t? What is our client’s unique story? 

We love strategy more than…well…not wine, but a lot of things. So we immediately dove into our strategy session with tons of ideas for baby products, your at home relaxation-station, and more! 


To get Lavender Life in the same sentences as it’s competitors was going to be a challenge. To make sure we pulled it off, our project included these areas:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Public Relations Survey
  • Public Relations Strategy 
  • Easter Mini-Strategy
  • Strategy Execution 
  • Media Relations
  • Media Briefings 
  • Light Stalking 
  • Getting new media best friends


This is the part you actually care about.. Not only did we absolutely BLOW our goals out of the water with 16 pieces of earned media in 3 months (yes that’s almost 2 publications a week), we landed a spot on the holy grail of opportunities. After all that work, we were ecstatic to highlight Lavender Life on the DREW BARRYMORE SHOW. We ended up sending a sample to Drew and she fell in love with the Comfort Duo from Lavender LIfe. So much so, that she wanted to feature it on her segment called, Drew’s Doggy Bag, and gifted these to her entire virtual audience! This segment ran on a syndicated cycle reaching 85 stations nationwide, over 15 million viewers, and had an online viewership of over 60,000. We also saw a spike of over 150% in their sales increase with their leading referrals coming directly from The Drew Barrymore Show website. 

Drew isn’t the only celebrity with a passion for Lavender Life. We also landed The Comfort Duo in the hands of Tichina Arnold’s Beauty Bar where magazines like Elle, Glamour and other big publications could get a first hand look at the amazing products.

In addition to the A-List cycle, we also snagged spots with local media with WOODTV and Fox17 as part of their Easter Strategy. 

Working with product brands is always fun and exciting. But at the end of the day,  it comes down to the hustle, connections and staying consistent. 

Does your brand need some serious love in the media front? Are you fun? Then contact us ASAP. We can’t wait to work with you.

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