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We like to eat, and we like to couple everything we inhale with a refreshing beverage of the alcohol variety. Since most of us are on our way to being fully vaccinated, we fully intend to take advantage of the amazing brunch spots in Grand Rapids. 

We last wrote this blog in 2019, so it is clearly time for an update.

Here are our favorite places to overindulge on delicious mimosas, screwdrivers, bloody marys, and so much more. 

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Ok, so they technically don’t have a brunch menu, but their food is AMAZING.  If you haven’t eaten the potstickers, your life is not complete. Every single dish on the menu has a recommended wine pairing, or you can enjoy one of the many craft cocktails that change up weekly. 

You can also make a reservation, which during a pandemic is pretty flippin’ nice. 

Favorite Dish: Chicken Potstickers with Asian Slaw 
Favorite Drink: Red wine with ice (obvs) or the Island Mojito (Malibu Rum, Mint, Passion Fruit, Lime)


This one ranks pretty high with us 8THIRTYFOURers, and it could be because it’s within walking distance of our office or simply a result of our longstanding love affair with all things Creston. Either way, Lucy’s has changed ownership a few times, and we keep benefiting from it. They’re now open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and they make a mean Bloody Mary. 

Favorite Dish: Biscuits & Gravy; the housemade sausage gravy will have you licking your plate.
Favorite Drink: Coffee with Bailey’s, of course


This highly popular eatery located in Eastown is known for its wood-fired pizzas and killer brunch, hence why they are on our list. You can sit in or outside, and you can make reservations – how did we ever live without reservations? 

We couldn’t decide on the best dishes, so we basically listed the entire menu. 

Favorite Dish(es): Mushroom Pizza with pebble creek mushrooms, EVOO, kale, roasted garlic spread, goat cheese, hand-pulled mozzarella, sarvecchio, and cracked black pepper. WE ARE DROOLING. If you’re not up for all the carbs (what is wrong with you?), go for the Smoked Salmon Benedict, which consists of smoked salmon cakes, marinated kale, poached eggs, hollandaise, an english muffin, and chives.
Favorite Drink: Bloody Mary with jalapeno tequila – trust us, it’s that good.

Butcher’s Union

If you haven’t been to Butcher’s you have obviously been living under a rock, as it is the coolest place to brunch. You can sit in the interior courtyard or out by Bridge Street. No reservations at this joint; be prepared to wait.

They’re always changing up the brunch menu, but some of our favorite staples are everything…literally everything. The entire menu is drool-worthy.

Favorite Dish: Biscuits & Gravy: pork sausage gravy, BU bacon cheddar biscuit, sunny side egg, chives. The Veggie Quiche is also worth selling your soul for; It features asparagus, caramelized onions, parmesan, mixed greens, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Honorable mentions (the blog was too long, we had to stop somewhere): Westsider, Field & Fire, SteelCat, and Stella’s, cause burgers are for every meal, and you can’t tell us otherwise.

As much as we love a good brunch and a bloody mary, we enjoy them even more when served up with a side of your marketing goals. So, don’t hesitate to holler at us

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