Brunch So Hard: Grand Rapids Hidden Gems

Edit: The original version of this blog included Anna’s House, but it’s come to our attention that they’ve contributed to a presidential candidate who doesn’t align with our core values.

We LOVE brunch, that bears repeating, we LOVE brunch. What’s not to like about waffles, mimosas, and eggs benedict? Brunch is essentially a synonym for “heaven.”

Since we brunch so hard, we put together a guide of some of the best hidden brunch nooks in Grand Rapids. That way you can share our love for great food and Bloody Marys. Some of these you might know, some you won’t – either way get out there and brunch.

Matchbox Diner

Do you like your coffee served with a side of cozy breakfast vibes? Then Matchbox Diner is the place for you. Centered in downtown Eastown, you’re walking distance from all the cutest shops (hit up our favorite – Rebel) and sights the little neighborhood has to offer. You can soak up the atmosphere after you’ve finished your world-class biscuits and gravy.

Where else can you get Swedish Fish with your check? They’ll even give you a board game to play during your meal if you ask nicely!

Noble Restaurant

Noble is a little spot on the Wyoming/Grandville cusp that’s tucked in a strip mall just 3 minutes off of 131 South. This yummy brunch space was started by a Yooper family who was so frustrated by the lack of locally sourced, vegan and gluten-free friendly breakfast restaurants where they lived that they moved down to the Grand Rapids area.

Almost all menu items are made from scratch and are vegan and gluten-free. Yup, you read that right. Over 75% of the menu can be ordered gluten-free and no, you don’t have to ask for substitutes!

We recommend the Mitten Breakfast Pizza. It’s literally the shape of Michigan with all the yummy things you could ever want on a breakfast pizza. Try it today, thank us later.


Where can you get soccer on every TV, a side of goldfish with your meal, and $5 mimosas on the weekend? SpeakEZ. Unlike prohibition-era speakeasys, you don’t even need a password to get in.

We adore that SpeakEZ is just down the road from us. It has an award-winning brunch menu and an inclusive environment. We guarantee you’ll have a great time.

The bar opens early on the weekend for any Premier League match. You know we’ll like any early bar spot that kicks off the day with soccer (get it?).

Real Food Cafe

Rounding out our list is the Real Food Café. This spot is a classic–so classic that they don’t even have a website and they only take cash (Don’t worry. They have an ATM).

This place is popular, so there’s normally a long wait, no matter how early you arrive. They provide a pot of coffee and some baked goods just for people in line so you can snack before you get seated.

Don’t fill up on the pre-breakfast goodies because the menu at Real Food is AMAZING. From Nutella-stuffed French toast to Philly Steak skillets, you will leave so full you won’t need lunch…or dinner.

We love brunch and mimosas, if you’re ready to talk about your marketing goals with a team that makes it all about you, send us an email! We can’t wait to meet you over a breakfast pizza.

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