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Scrolling Alpine Website

Our client, Alpine Events, needed a website as versatile, eye-catching and cool as their company and events. When a client gives us the go-ahead to create something fantastic and versatile with a kickass design, we kick it into high gear. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or small party at your home, Alpine Events offers an extensive collection of rental items to bring your event to life. Their team has extensive experience with special event rentals, vendor coordination, planning and execution, set up, and logistics. 

They needed a website that would reflect all their services and products. Here’s how we made the magic happen.


At the time we were brought on to do their website, we had just finished rebranding Alpine Rent All to Alpine Events (if you haven’t read that case study, do it ASAP). The great part about the new brand, besides it being super awesome, was we got to start with a blank slate. 


Simply put, Alpine Event’s site needed to tick a whole lot of boxes and have a bunch of features, including:

  • Rental Hosting catalog integration
  • Live Instagram feed
  • Forms for lead capture
  • Gallery functionality
  • Sections of the site for corporate and wedding audiences
  • The newest version of WordPress
  • An easy, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Job board functionality
  • MailChimp integration
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration
  • SEO tools
  • And eventually, HubSpot integration

Oh, and before we forget, since the client didn’t have a site at all, we needed something that could launch quickly and act as a landing page and lead capture tool until the main site launched. 


Our website process is super robust. However, since Alpine Events needed a new website yesterday, we started off by creating a quick landing page they could edit as needed. To do that, we focused on:

  • New domain and SSL
  • Initial wireframe 
  • Site development
  • Content development
  • SEO integration, alt text, metadata, and all that good stuff
  • Rigorous QA
  • Site launch
  • Post-launch QA
  • SEO follow up with Google Search Console

Once that was live, and we could direct people there for the time being, we were able to get into the heavy-lifting on the big site. Although our work for both had overlapped a bit (we were launching the little site while working on the wireframes for the big one), we could really focus on making a stellar product once the little guy was launched. Over the timespan of several weeks, we knocked out all of the following:

  • Website strategy meeting
  • Site map and strategy development
  • Keyword research
  • Wireframes and screen designs
  • Mobile designs
  • Catalog, MailChimp, and a whole bunch of other integrations that we talked about up there
  • HubSpot integration for lead management
  • Site development with a cool drag-and-drop editor for the sake of Alpine’s team
  • Content creation
  • SEO integration, alt text, metadata, and all that good stuff part 2
  • Even more rigorous QA
  • Site launch (we may have popped a few bottles)
  • Did we mention QA?
  • Site training for Alpine’s team
  • SEO follow up with Google Search Console

We are nothing if not thorough.


The site launched and Alpine Events has been overwhelmed with event and rental requests. They have also received several compliments on the design and functionality. 

Pretty badass, right? You can explore the live site by clicking here, too. The finished site had all of the integrations from above and more. Plus, when the client switched over to HubSpot, we helped integrate that program to help generate better lead tracking and marketing automation services. 

Since launch, we’ve also built out several landings pages tailored for specific digital ad campaigns we’ve helped Alpine Events run. A few dozen site back ups, plugin updates, WordPress updates, and even a PHP update later, and we’re still going strong. It just goes to show how much a website is a living organism. Take care of it, and it’ll help you knock it out of the park.

Blog Conclusion

At the end of the day, we had an absolute blast bringing Alpine Event’s website dreams to life. We’re always thrilled to get to work on awesome projects like this when we can make our clients shine. 

Do you need a new site? Does your current site make little children cry? Does it load better on a Dell running Internet Explorer and Windows 98 than on your MacBook? We’re here for you.

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