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Mana Scrolling Website

Mana Pacific came to us with two big asks: to create a brand and a kickass website that tells their story. After we knocked their rebrand out of the park, it was time for us to start working on a website that could live up to the hype.

Mana Pacific is an impact company that focuses on providing sustainable energy solutions to Pacific nations, all while ensuring that the technology and equipment is run by local workers. They don’t just shove some solar panels in and call it a day. No, instead, they work with local leaders and find innovative solutions that will give back to the local economy, empower the community, and create jobs.

They needed a website that would portray all of this to several different audiences, from Pacific Islanders to investors alike. It wasn’t easy, but we were ready to give it a go.


Since we had just finished rebranding Mana Pacific, we had a bright new color palette to work with. Mana Pacific’s team was also kind enough to let us scrap what they had already created and start from scratch…and that meant it was time to get creative.


Mana Pacific’s site had to convey a lot of information in very little space. The site needed to include:

  • Blogging functionality
  • Forms for lead capture
  • Sections of the site for vastly different audiences
  • The newest version of WordPress
  • An easy, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration
  • SEO tools and optimization

The client also had a big industry event coming up within a few months of when we got the project. Luckily for them, if we have proven anything time and time again, it’s that we excel under pressure.


By now, you probably know our website process is pretty lengthy. With the new branding and a looming deadline in hand, we got to work on all the following:

  • Website strategy meeting
  • Site map and strategy development
  • Keyword research
  • Site development with a cool drag-and-drop editor for the sake of Mana Pacific’s team (the last time they built sites from scratch was when DOS was still a thing…we thought they deserved something better)
  • Content creation
  • SEO integration, alt text, metadata, and all that good stuff 
  • A rigorous QA
  • Site launch 
  • Domain and hosting coordination
  • Post-launch QA
  • Site training for the Mana Pacific team
  • SEO follow up with Google Search Console

Once that was live, and we could direct people there for the time being, we were able to get into the heavy-lifting on the big site. Although our work for both had overlapped a bit (we were launching the little site while working on the wireframes for the big one), we could really focus on making a stellar product once the little guy was launched. Over the timespan of several weeks, we knocked out all of the following:


Well, you probably saw this coming, but the site launched in time for the big industry event! Mana Pacific has since been making little additions to the site based on their growing business, like listing their 2020 Benefit Report. The team was absolutely thrilled with the product we gave them, and we’re even looking forward to setting aside time to celebrate in person once we’re all vaccinated.

If you’re curious (and we know you are), you can check out their site by clicking here. Go on. You know you want to.

Blog Conclusion

We always love bringing clients’ website dreams to life. If your site is in desperate need of a little TLC, reach out to us. We’d love to whip you up something amazing.

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