The Blogs That Crushed It in 2017

It’s no secret that we love data. If you don’t look at the analytics surrounding the content you produce, how do you know what’s working and what isn’t? We constantly study data and results for our clients, and we also keep an eye on our own content to make sure we are giving our audience (that’s you!) information that resonates.
Recently, we took a look at our top performing blogs of 2017 as we plan for an amazing 2018 that will be filled with insightful, timely, and sometimes even funny (we think) content.
What did we learn? We found out you love some of the same things we do: our team, women’s rights, and company culture.

Meet Our Team

Our readers love meeting our team!
Our most popular blogs of 2017 were the blogs introducing new members. From Strategy Loving Sarah and Word Wizard Allison to Digital Dynamo Kayden, you love reading about our new team members almost as much as we love writing about them!  

Why Graphic Design Matters in Public Relations

After a kickass panel on “PR for Art: Design & Creative Thinking,” we took to our blog to share exactly why design and PR should support each other. We won’t spoil it, but it all comes down to telling a story visually. Visuals allow you to tell a story at a glance, and sometimes that’s the only chance you get. Make it count!   

Why the Women’s March Is Important

We don’t keep our political views a secret around here so it should come as no surprise that we were passionate about the Women’s March that took place in January of last year. Apparently, so were you! The coolest part of the march (from a professional standpoint)? It was mostly arranged on social media. According to The Guardian, it began as a spontaneous feminist rallying cry via social media and morphed into one of the largest demonstrations in American history.

Why Net Neutrality Should Seriously Piss You Off

This one is still pretty fresh, and we’re still pretty pissed. Don’t let the constant onslaught of headlines distract you from the fact that this happened and it could, very soon, start changing the way you behave online.

Why the Hell Company Culture is So Important

We think culture is pretty important, turns out, you all agree! Since she talks about it all the time in the office, Boss Lady Bode decided to write a blog about it. Kim intentionally made culture one her top priorities when starting 8THIRTYFOUR more than 10 years ago. She knew that if her employees were happy to go to work every day, then this would reflect on their quality of work, and would ultimately make our clients’ happy.
As you can see, 2017 was an interesting year and it’s a pretty safe bet that 2018 will be just as interesting! Keep an eye on our blog to stay on top of happenings at 8THIRTYFOUR, in the world of communications and in the world!

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