Why the Hell is Company Culture Important?

Kim Bode smiles at the camera while drinking coffee in the 8THIRTYFOUR office.

This blog was supposed to be about our Boss Lady’s celebratory day of birth (April 27, to be exact), but because she hates recognition, we shifted the blog’s focus just a tad.

Rather than celebrating Kim’s birthday, we’re celebrating something she has created within our workplace and finessed over time: our culture.

Why the Hell is Company Culture Important?

Kim intentionally made culture one her top priorities when starting 834 Design & Marketing over 10 years ago. She knew that if her employees were happy to go to work every day, than this would reflect in their quality of work, and would ultimately make our clients’ happy. Establishing your company culture proves that you care about your employees overall happiness, which can lead to higher retention rates and team camaraderie. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Mobile said it himself, “There’s no right or wrong way to go about creating a company culture, as long as you keep the staff that it’s designed for in mind every step of the way. What do you think helps to create fantastic company culture, and improve workplace wellbeing?”

Culture Mapping

Defining a company’s culture can be a stressful task to take on. The first step to solidifying company culture is to formulate your goals, and complete a culture map exercise. Keep in mind that every company’s culture the discovery process is different: “There has never been a one-size-fits-all solution to making sure your staff are happy and healthy, but that doesn’t stop people trying to apply tired and ineffective motivational tactics or perks. Offering something that will set you apart from the competition can be your greatest asset, especially for new companies trying to break into competitive markets,” said Branson.

As a team we map out our goals on a regular basis. We align our goals with our company’s culture map, and relate this back to our overall culture. Our team understands that our goals, behaviors, and outcomes effect our bottom line and clients’ happiness. Because of the severity of this, Kim empowers our team to provide honest feedback in order to take 834 Design & Marketing to the next step.

How Establishing Company Culture has Benefited #Team834

By allowing our team to have ‘skin in the game,’ we in turn feel vested in our work and the company. We know that our goal is to make our client’s journey a success and we have the power to make that happen. We talk openly and transparently as a team and with our clients. And it’s productive and fun.

To view the most successful and unique company cultures, click here. While you’re at it, give our Boss Lady a, “happy birthday!” shoutout.

Cheers to you, Kim!

(P.S. Although it is her birthday, do not attempt to hug, Kim. She is fearful of hugs.)

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