Why the women's march is important

A blue background features red, white and blue silhouettes of women and the words, "Women's March on Washington."

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard a thing or two regarding the Women’s March on Washington that is taking place on January 21. We think it is a great example of the power of social media.
Whether you agree with the intent or not, it is pretty incredible to see women across our nation, and some overseas, collectively come together as one group to share their views on a variety of issues, such as the environment, women’s rights, and resistance to the President-Elect. According to The Guardian, it began as a spontaneous feminist rallying cry via social media. It has morphed into what is expected to be one of the largest demonstrations in American history – a boisterous march about a smorgasbord of progressive issues, and an extraordinary display of dissent on a president’s first day in office peppered with knit pink hats.
Doubt the power of social media? How about these stats:

  1. Over 300 additional protests will take place across 50 states.
  2. The Women’s March was conceived on November 9th, 2016. In mere months, it has grown to over 200,000 attending just in Washington D.C. We won’t know the exact numbers until after the 21st.
  3. CNN reports that as of Monday over 700,000 have expressed interest in 370 satellite marches around the world.

Not only did social media birth the Women’s March, it is also being used to connect marchers by encouraging conversation through the hashtag, #WhyIMarch. The reasons are diverse but the purpose is clear, women will raise their voices in unison to be heard whether over social media or at one of the many marches…and it all started with a Facebook page.

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