Our wolf pack is expanding: Meet the interns

8THIRTYFOUR's interns pose stylishly in the 8THIRTYFOUR office.

“At first, we were a ten-women wolf pack. But when we met Mari and Megan, we knew they were one of our own. And then, our wolf pack grew by two. So there… there were ten of us in the wolf pack, and then, when we met them, we thought, “Wait a second, could it be?” And now I know for sure, we just added two more strong females to our wolf pack. Twelve of us wolves, running through the office, together.”

(Loosely adapted from The Hangover)
If you haven’t heard about our killer internship program, you may be living under a rock. We take pride in our interns, as they are an essential component to providing our clients’ with the optimum quality of work. Every semester we take on some amazing college students and impart our wisdom and guidance about agency life, leaving them ready to start their professional careers.

Get to know the newest additions to our wolf pack:

Megan Heck, 23, Public Relations student at Ferris State University

What originally attracted you to 834?

I had previously visited 834 before applying for an internship for a job shadow last fall. The office atmosphere was very comfortable and the people were so inviting. They know how to work hard but also have fun in the process. I wanted to intern for 834 because I thought that it would be valuable experience that could build me into the young professional that I am capable of being.

What previous internship/organization experiences did you have prior to 834?

During my time at Ferris State University I was actively involved in their chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I held the Vice President of Administration and Finance executive board position during the 2015-2016 academic year. Prior to coming to 834 I held a virtual internship with CG Media Assist which is an agency that helps brand businesses through marketing, brand management, and consultation. I helped run their social media accounts, wrote blogs and created weekly social media content calendars.

What do you like to do when you are not at 834?

I love to exercise whether that be cardio or weight lifting. I find it to be a great outlet for all of the stress that is on my mind. I am also a huge movie buff so whenever a new movie is out you’ll more than likely see me in line getting ready to see it.

Which Kardashian are you most like?

I would have to say that I am most like Kylie. We both share some of the same personality traits. We’re both shy until we become comfortable with people and once we do we like have fun. We are very family and friend oriented and we share the same passion for hair and make-up.

What’s something that you can’t live without?

As common as it is, I can’t live without my cell phone. I enjoy having the ability to get a hold of my family and friends whenever I need them and have my emails available at the palm of my hand. I also like to stay up to date with trending news and my cell phone makes it easier for me to do so when I’m not in front of a television.

Mari Behovitz, 20, Ad-PR student at Grand Valley State University

What originally attracted you to 834?

I have always admired 834 and their ability to cater to their clients many needs. 834 is not like any other agency I have heard of. They do it all! 834 also invest a lot into the next generation of PR pros and I absolutely love that.

What previous internship/organization experiences did you have prior to 834?

Prior to joining the 834 team I have had both nonprofit and corporate internship experiences. Currently I am also interning for the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan. All three have been great experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained from them has led me to 834!

What do you like to do when you are not at 834?

When I am not at 834 I am finishing up my undergrad at GVSU. I will graduate with a degree in Advertising/Public Relation and a minor in Business in the spring of 2017. Also during a typical week you can find me at club meetings for my majors two clubs, Advertising Club and PRSSA.

Which Kardashian are you most like?

I think I relate most to Khloe. She’s down to earth and always up for a fun time! She’s family oriented like myself and I think that’s why I like her the most. She is also pretty funny and I like to think I’m funny.

What’s something that you can’t live without?

My family and friends for sure! I am a people person and love to have my friends and family around me as much as possible.

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