The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

A man and woman shake hands at a business meeting.

With only 24 hours in a day, it’s hard to check off all of your to-do’s.

Agency life is known for working around the clock in order to get shit done. Whether you’re attending an event until 8 p.m., or responding to a clients’ frantic email at 3 a.m., there is always something you could be doing.
Because of our jam-packed schedules it may be easy to send an email, rather than having a genuine phone conversation or even better, an in-person meeting. It’s 2017 and apparently face-to-face communication is barely a ‘thing’ anymore. However, at 834 Design & Marketing we realize that interpersonal communication is most definitely a ‘thing’ no matter how busy our schedules may be.
(Let’s be real: How are we supposed to pride ourselves as professional communicators if we can’t communicate in-person? Mind blow.)

What really matters to us?

Our virtual presence, strategic thinking, in-depth processes, expansive list of services and community involvement are all things that make 834 Design & Marketing unique; but what really matters to us is the relationships we create with our clients. We understand that developing a successful and long lasting relationship with our clients begins with understanding the company’s ins-and-outs.
Our job as communicators is to be the voice of the company, which requires speaking effortlessly and strategically to further both the clients’ goals and our own. In order to truly understand your clients, we highly recommend scheduling monthly face-to-face communication in order to strengthen your relationship and build a sense of trust. Meeting face-to-face takes more time out of your busy schedule, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Our dedication to face-to-face communication pays off.

Last week half of our team traveled four hours to Watseka, Ill. to visit T&D Metal Products for our monthly in-person meeting. The entire trip spanned only 36 hours and was quite exhausting, but it may have been the most beneficial time we’ve spent with this specific client. We were able to spend time with the company (both the leadership team and badass manufacturers on the shop floor), and truly “spend a day in their shoes.”
Similar to the saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” the same applies to actually seeing people do what they love. We’ve had numerous conversations with T&D Metal Products and fully understood their processes and goals prior to visiting their facilities, however, seeing the T&D Metal team carry out their day-to-day tasks taught us much more than the countless emails and phone conversations we’ve had in the past.

Team 834 touring the T&D Metal Products facility

Forbes said it best: “ If we don’t continue to nurture strong and positive personal relationships with our clients and coworkers, we won’t build trust, understanding, or a sense of a shared mission.” We agree.
For tips on how to host a successful meeting, click here. For more information on third-generation family owned, leading metal manufacturer, T&D Metal Products, click here.
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