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We really do get to pitch the coolest stuff. From Michigan’s most iconic caps, women blasting through glass ceilings, fighting family homelessness in our community and so much more.

Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been up to the last month or so. We don’t take shortcuts, so just know all of the below…it takes a lot of work. 

Family Promise – 25th Anniversary & Family Frolic

It’s easy to crush the media when you have the best clients, and in this case, that’d be Family Promise of West Michigan. Ending homelessness one family at a time is not only their motto, it is also exactly what they do each and every day.  Not only has Family Promise of West Michigan served the community well, they have exceeded their wildest dreams by staying in business and fighting for people for 25 years. Being recognized in Michigan Business Network and Corp! Magazine with up to a potential monthly reach of 4,412.

While turning 25, Family Promise has also been busy with their Family Frolic event. Family Promise educated the West Michigan area on homelessness, how they’re combatting it, and how to have fun while doing so. Family Promise was featured in the news six times with a reach of 1,583,073. Family Frolic shows exactly what it means to truly crush it for those who matter in: 

Stormy Kromer – CEO Announcement

Big things were happening this past month at Stormy Kromer, and we’re pretty damn happy with how everything turned out. To commemorate Gina Thorsen’s move on up to CEO we pitched just a little bit… And let’s just say this coverage was well deserved and we truly couldn’t be more excited to talk about it. So, what did we land for the folks in the Upper Peninsula? Stormy Kromer’s CEO coverage includes:

And more! It was quite a month for Stormy Kromer. You can obviously see that for yourself. We secured 15+ articles with a monthly potential reach of 64,630,169.


It wouldn’t be a month in media without a little something for our amazing client,LifeCircles. They’re always helping their participants out, and it doesn’t stop when it comes to top notch advice in a Seniors Matter Q&A. If you find yourself wondering, “At what age should a senior switch from a primary care physician to a geriatrician?” you can thank us — and the LifeCircles team, of course. This piece has 51,120 potential monthly reach.

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors – Journey Forward Pilot Program & Engage

This client is really special. The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors has been raising awareness and advocating for the best care for burn survivors and their loved ones — We’re lucky to be a part of that outreach.

Of course, Phoenix Society has found another innovative way to help out their community through the Journey Forward Kit: a collection of products, resources, and community connections to help the transition from hospital to home. With a few hospitals piloting this program, we’ve started to share the news around and gotten a several pick-ups. Read more about it at Las Vegas’s 8News Now.

In addition to changing lives, they’re hosting a monthly event series called Engage. No biggie, just another stellar way to connect with their community. Amy Acton, CEO of Phoenix Society, sat down with the Michigan Business Network to chat about it. So, all in all we earned five articles with a monthly potential reach of 10,439,917.

TOC Logistics International – Top Women in Logistics

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we love to uplift the badass women around us. TOC Logistics’ Jennifer Coulter-Lissman makes that pretty easy. Named one of the Global Trade Magazine’s Top 10 Women in Logistics, we’re super proud of the work our clients do, and also the coverage we’re getting to show them off. This landed two articles with a monthly potential reach of 48,889.

We like to set realistic media coverage goals with our clients so we can then go and blow them out of the water. How’s your media planning coming along? Need a little help? Need a rockstar PR firm to help?

We may know of someone. 

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