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A display of fall decorations set up on a table at the Farmgirl Flea Market

It’s fall y’all, which has nothing to do with this blog but we’re just so excited. We broke out the fall decor and pumpkin-vanilla scented candles this weekend and we can’t wait to traipse through a corn maze. 

To celebrate fall, we’re taking a look back at some recent client media, from yours truly. 

Farmgirl Flea

If you weren’t at the Farmgirl Flea Fall Market this past weekend, you really missed out. The organizers put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the Friday and Saturday market at Hudsonville Fairgrounds. We were given the task to share all the awesomeness, and we crushed the earned media game. Plus, the Farmgirl Flea team was always down for an interview (they’re literally the best), so you can get plenty of glimpses into the fall market. 

With a collective potential monthly reach of 2,074,477, it’s safe to say this was a success. Mark your calendar for their holiday market on November 25 – 26, 2022, at Countryside Greenhouses in Allendale. 


We still kick ourselves for being able to represent the warfighter (by proxy) through our client, National Defense Mobility Consortium (NAMC). They recently hired some pretty smart dudes and   Corp! Magazine reported on their expertise, journey to NAMC, and the organization’s key focus areas. 

Michigan Business Network also chatted with executive director, Alissa Roath on the Michigan defense industry and the role NAMC plays. 

Both pieces had an 11,064 potential monthly reach.


We can always rely on our lovely client, LifeCircles, to have important community conversations. Their work with Crisis Intervention Training is changing the way first responders handle mental health calls. Articles and interviews in MLive, WGVU, and Michigan Business Network have a 4,333,833 potential monthly reach.

Stormy Kromer

What’s a Month in Media blog series without Stormy Kromer? As per usual, the pitches are hitting and gift guides are crawling with Kromer Caps. Stormy Kromer made it in the following gift guides:

Aside from gift guides, our U.P. friends are gearing up for Plaidurday on October 7th. Check out Michigan Business Network and Corp! Magazine for all the plaid celebration fun! With a combined potential monthly reach of 10,906, we’re expecting a lot of plaid.

Oh, and Gina Thorsen had a fantastic interview for CEOs You Should Know. She’s amazing — we know.

1 Bold Step

Our friends at 1 Bold Step are doing amazing things, so it’s up to us to shout it from the rooftops. Adam Clarke, President, and Jennifer Jurgens, CEO/Founding Partner sat down with Michigan Business Network and spilled all the deets on their new office and how the City of Grand Rapids, SBAM and the SBA supported them.


Sometimes, you have to let yourself brag about the things you’re doing (or the team will force you… either way). Kim shared her 16 years worth of small business and PR advice in Authority Magazine’s PR Pros series. With a potential monthly reach of over 74 million people, we hope Kim’s badass advice makes its way to all of them.

If you’re interested in raising your profile, you know how to reach us. 

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