Your Biz Your Town – Music, mold & meat

The cast and crew of Your Biz Your Town smile for the camera.

It’s the fourth Friday of the month … You know what that means … Your Biz Your Town.
This month’s Your Biz Your Town segment with Shelley Irwin on WGVU 88.5 FM was packed with music, mold, and meat. Sounds interesting, right?
To listen to the segment with Great Lakes Scrip CenterEnviro-Decon Services, and Schaendorf Cattle Co., click here.

Great Lakes Scrip Center

Great Lakes Scrip Center has over 22 years of experience helping nonprofit organizations succeed with their fundraising needs without the traditional fundraising hassle of selling products and running events. By using Great Lakes Scrip Center’s ShopWithScrip fundraising program, customers can essentially fundraise while they shop. GLSC is the largest scrip fundraising provider in the United States, and has helped raise over $570 million for 30,000 nonprofit organizations.
GLSC is helping Rockford High School’s Marching Band fundraise for their performance at the 2017 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City! The marching band is one of 10 high school bands across the nation that will perform at this year’s event. The marching band program is looking to raise thousands of dollars for their “March to Macy’s,” and they’re using ShopWithScrip to help reach their fundraising goals.

Enviro-Decon Services

Enviro-Decon Services is focused on air quality management programs addressing immediate threats to the health and safety of West Michigan residents. They offer solutions for residential and commercial mold removal, odor removal, and meth lab clean up. The Enviro-Decon crew basically does it all.
Especially with the amount of rain we’ve been having in West Michigan, it’s essential that you stay on-top-of your home or business’ quality of air and mold control. Not to mention, all Enviro-Decon products are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.

Schaendorf Cattle Co.

Schaendorf Cattle Co. has been farming for three-generations in Hopkins, Michigan. The Schaendorf family understands that people care about where their food is comes from, which is why they offer complete “birth to beef” traceability of their meat products and their cattle. Schaendorf cattle are never given hormones and receive superb quality living conditions – and you can tell. Their meat products taste flavorful and fresh. A happy cow is a healthy cow.
You can purchase Schaendorf Cattle Co. products through their website – just in time for summer barbecues and Father’s Day. Use the promo code “radio15” for 15% off your purchase until June 1, 2017.
Make sure to connect with our stellar interviewees on social media:
Great Lakes Scrip Center: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Enviro-Decon Services: Facebook and Twitter.
Schaendorf Cattle Co.: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Interested in being a contestant on Your Biz Your Town? Email for inquiries. Tune in to our next Your Biz Your Town on Friday, June 23.

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