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Mana Boxes Client Love

We love when we get to work with brands fighting for the good of the world. We’ve had a great relationship with MK Advisors for many years, so when they came to us about a new subscription box that includes luxurious handmade goods by women in South Africa, we jumped at the chance to help. The goal of Mana is to help these women overcome the hardships of COVID-19. We are very proud of how this project came together, since we created the brand from the ground up.

Our Task

Our team was first tasked with developing a logo for Mana Boxes. Following the initial logo design, we created a full brand, website, promotional video, Kickstarter campaign, and packaging design for the physical subscription box. We even directed a lifestyle photoshoot.

When developing the logo and brand, we wanted to encompass the themes of luxury and empowerment, all while creating a design that would appeal to women in their 30s-50s. It was necessary for the overall brand to feel high-end, modern, and approachable. The goal was to bring awareness to the new subscription box and to catch the eye of the type of women who would support this cause.


It was important to accomplish all of this without losing the heart of Mana’s cause: empowering women in South Africa. You’ll see homages to South Africa through the textures, colors, and even the flower in the Mana logo (it’s South Africa’s national flower! How cool is that?). 


Our branding process is a ton of fun. We followed these steps to set Mana up with an awesome logo:

  • First, we met with the Mana team to chat through their initial thoughts about how they envisioned the brand for the box.
  • We did a lot of research on competing subscription boxes (like, a lot of research).
  • Our creative team drafted up a bunch of logos.
  • We held an internal battle royale to pick our favorites.
  • We presented the top three logo options and two color palettes to our client.
  • From there, we went back and forth with Mana until they were in love with their logo.
  • We created the beautiful logo below!

Following the logo creation, we finalized the overall brand. The color palette and graphic elements were important to convey the themes the client desired. We landed on a bold and empowering fun color scheme and abstract earthy graphics to showcase this. 

Once we finalized the brand attributes, we were able to crank out the box design, informational insert for the box, promotional video, website, Google Display Ads, social imagery, blog imagery, a media kit, photoshoot direction, a Kickstarter and more.

Below are some of our favorites:


We successfully created a cohesive brand surrounding the Mana boxes and their incredible story. In fact, the brand and messaging were so powerful that the Kickstarter reached its funding goal within 36 hours! Now that’s something to be excited about!

We’re all about integrated, especially when it comes to branding and design. We want to help tell your story. We also make sure all pieces, from print to digital, are consistent and align with your overall brand. It’s how integrated design works.

Need help telling your brand’s story? Let’s get in touch.

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