The Rise of Marketing Automation (It’s Already Risen. It Has Risen Indeed.)

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We don’t usually accept guest blogs, cause who really wants to hear from anyone that isn’t us? When we do make an exception, it’s because we work with the company, have seen them in action, and they have the same twisted sense of humor.

Without further ado, here are our friends from 1 Bold Step. They like pairing marketing and technology together. Good job guys!


Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you’re likely someone who could or should improve your business’ efficiency, productivity, and return on marketing investment (ROMI) by 20% – because ultimately, who doesn’t want that? Of course, you do. Worry not, because you’re in excellent company and in exactly the right place. Allow me to welcome you to the world of marketing automation. 

According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation can help you improve your business’ productivity by an average of 20%. And it’s been making a big splash in the business and marketing world lately. 

In 2020, the marketing automation software market was estimated at 6.87 billion dollars. Fast forward to 2026 and it’s expected to rise to a 19.66 billion dollar industry. But along with boosting your productivity, marketing automation platforms can do so much more. 

If you like what you’re hearing so far, stick with us as we’ll dive deeper into what marketing automation is, and exactly why it’s a necessary investment.

Ready to have your mind blown? Let’s go!

What the heck is marketing automation, anyway?

Let’s kick things off with a simple definition to make things easy. Marketing automation is a process performed through a software system to efficiently automate certain tasks and marketing initiatives instead of doing them by hand. There are multiple systems that can make this happen, but at 1 Bold Step, we use HubSpot for our marketing automation platform. 

As mentioned above, marketing automation platforms can help businesses perform several different tactics. When used to its full potential, they can help businesses with some fairly common manual tasks, such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Visitor and prospect tracking
  • Create custom offers and messages
  • Performing A/B testing
  • Determining ROMI 

And the list goes on.

If certain tasks like the ones above aren’t being automated, there’s a good chance you’re spending way too much time doing them by hand on a regular basis. A marketing automation platform helps to ensure that your marketing is working for you (and not the other way around).

Why is it important to invest in marketing automation right now?

You might still be wondering why marketing automation systems have been on the rise. Well, take a look at this:

According to Marketo, 76% of companies that implemented marketing automation generate a return on their investment within the first year. Not only that, but 44% of them see a return within just six months.

Just those stats alone are enough for anyone to stop and say, “Wow, I need that.” 

But wait, there’s more. 

Your company needs a digital approach to marketing now more than ever. With the evolution of the buyer and marketing and technology colliding, it can be easy for businesses to be overwhelmed by tasks to help them stay ahead of the game. However, marketing automation can help organize your data, customize your brand message, and align your sales and marketing team. (Check out our next blog for specific examples of how marketing automation can work for you). 


In the meantime as you wait for their next guest blog to launch, reach out to the team at 1 Bold Step. We can personally vouch for their amazingness and they’ll get you on the way towards a higher return on your marketing investment.

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