Case Study: ISS Website

ISS: Infinite Steel Solutions

We work with a wide variety of clients – from construction companies, and finance to gay resorts. We are known for our website process, development and design capabilities. We make it relatively painless and dare we say fun, to develop your site.  

The Infinite Steel Solutions (ISS) website and brand needed to showcase the company’s capabilities as a one-stop shop for manufacturing, fabrication, engineering, and design. When they came to us, their website was pretty outdated, like really really outdated. It was so old, ISS avoided sending their site to prospective clients. 

The Task

First, they needed a rebrand. In fact, when we went to their location early on in the project, we saw no less than three separate logos. At the time, half of their team didn’t know what ISS stood for. 

After a robust and fun branding process (keep an eye out for that future case study), we had a new look, a new name, and a better defined brand. 

One of the biggest challenges with ISS was just how much the company was growing. Although they started as an industrial paint stripping company, they grew to offer a wide array of services. ISS had become the partner for manufacturing, fabrication, robotic welding, press braking—you name it! We needed a site that would showcase their wide range of services without alienating the paint-stripping clients who had been with them for the last two decades. 

Based on our conversations, the site needed:

  • Updated, accurate information about ISS
  • A look that fit the new brand
  • Easy-to-access information about services
  • User-friendly back end
  • Analytics integrations
  • Clear calls to action
  • Ways to showcase certifications, tools, machines, and more
  • SEO-optimized copy, markup, etc.

Getting to Work

The old ISS site had originally featured color-overlayed images, making it hard to see how great their systems, tools, and team are. To combat that, we made sure to keep overlays to a minimum. We also helped coordinate a photoshoot and captured some video footage to use on the home page. This meant we had a large variety of assets to choose from when crafting the site.

Our team crafted content for the site with guidance from the ISS team to ensure we stayed focused on what their customers care about. Then, we mixed it with a bit of keyword research to create a cohesive voice across the site. And those calls to action we mentioned? We shifted the focus to requesting a quote and made it easy for users to take the next step.

The Results

We know you’re really here for a before and after. Who isn’t? So without further ado…

The Old

The original ISS home page features a few images with heavy overlays and black text on a white background.

The new design provides just enough information for customers to know what ISS does at first glance. Then, if they want to know more, it’s easy to click into the site for more information. It also places a focus on their certifications, credentials, and experience. Oh, and we also helped them secure a new URL to fit their new name. Consistency is everything.

In the end, ISS was thrilled with the result. We do what we do because it makes our clients happy, so seeing the smiles on their faces made our day. Now, the site is easy for their team to edit if they get new technology or offer a new service in the future. Plus, we know it’s a site they’re proud of, which is all we could ask for.

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