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In this week’s Week in Media blog, we tackle the royals, burgers and crayons. It’s about to get interesting.

Women Belong in the Kitchen

That ☝️ right there is where Burger King went wrong. They were trying to be clever about the launch of a scholarship program for women pursuing culinary careers. It’s like they had no understanding of how Twitter works—that tweet, not the follow-up one about the scholarships is what went viral. Instead of admitting it was poorly executed, they doubled down and got very defensive. 

They eventually deleted the tweet, admitted the error and apologized. But wait…there’s more. They also took out a full page ad in the New York Times with the same verbiage, but they did get into more specifics. What was damaging about this is the scholarships are $25,000 a piece and there are maybe 2 of them. A full-page ad in the New York Times can run up to $250,000. Let’s do the math. $25,000 + $25,000 = $50,000.

Hmmm…just think how many more scholarships they could’ve given out. If your goal is to do good and make a change in your industry, then do it without the fanfare. 

Colors of the World

Now that we’ve shared a brand behaving badly, we’d like to give kudos to Crayola for once again proving that a 100-year-old company can still evolve and be relevant.

The company just released crayons with 24 skin tone shades so every child can color themselves accurately. Did you get chills or was that just us? The new Crayola crayons are called “Colors of The World” and are multicultural to ensure every child can feel included.

Um, this is so f*cking cool! Crayola has come a long way from a company melting wax to create crayons.

God Save the Queen

Just her. The rest of the royal family can rot (Phillip has a head start on this). Oprah, the Oprah, sat down with former royals, Meghan and Harry to discuss their exit from the “firm” and to finally tell their story. The tabloids shaped the narrative around the couple and villainized Meghan to the point she had suicidal thoughts.

Predictably, people are coming forward criticizing Meghan, saying she is making the whole thing up, and she knew what she was getting into by joining the royal family. Yeah, that makes sense, considering she was a part of that other royal family…completely forgot about that. 

Mental illness does not discriminate, but apparently the royal family does. 

There is no excuse for bullying, racism and the ensuing witch hunt the media and Brits launched against Meghan. We stand by you, Meghan. You had the courage to leave a toxic environment, and you saved your husband and child on the way out.

Well, that’s it—your week in media. How’d we do? Did we miss anything? If you’d like us to get you in the media (what a transition, are we right?), get a hold of us.

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