When the Going Gets Tough

A woman smiling and flexing her arm to show off a tattoo that says "find comfort in the uncomfortable."

Here’s a special blog directly from Kim:

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you’re gonna be ok.

My approach to running a business might be a bit different than most. I anticipate the worst-case scenario, and then I plan backwards from it. People like to point out how pessimistic this is, and I like to tell them it’s worked for 14 years.

I honestly don’t believe things are going to get easier any time soon. Depressing? Maybe. Guys, we’ve gotta have a little faith in our ability to do tough things. How we come out of 2020 will determine how we enter into 2021—kicking and screaming or with our middle finger extended and a smile on our face.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going with the latter.

Plan for the worst

As a business owner, you can’t bury your head in the sand when the going gets tough. You’d never remove your head from the sand.

Call it being a realist, pessimist…I don’t care. The point is you’re prepared if shit goes sideways, and let me clue you in…it will.

What’s the worst that can happen? Great, now plan for it. Here is your roadmap.

Pivot: Plan for it

Pivot: Assess and Educate

Pivot: Planning and Action

Give it the middle finger

Put on that armor, lift your chin and stare this shitshow right in the face. You might be scared shitless, hell we all are, but you’re strong, and you will get through this.

You know those people in your life who tell you if you have something in your teeth, or if you’re making questionable fashion choices? They are the truth tellers, the no bullshitters, and they’re gonna get you through this.

Drink up

Sometimes you need to just pour yourself a glass of something strong, sit in a corner and just feel sorry for yourself. It’s your free pass to just be pissed, frustrated and all the other emotions.

You’ve got a limited number of these sessions, cause that aforementioned group is gonna pull you out of the house and force you to get back to living.

F*ck you, 2020. We’re coming for you, 2021.

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