Fall Color Palettes

We can’t contain ourselves anymore. We LOVE fall, including the scarves, cozy sweaters, falling leaves, crisp autumn air, spiked apple cider and plaid…all the plaid.
We’ll even drive by an apple orchard once in a while and wave to the people standing in line for hours to grab those doughnuts.
Our most favorite part of fall is all the colors. There’s a reason we live in a state with four seasons…because they are damn magical.
Here are our fall color palettes.

#1 Fall Hike

A dog sitting
We mean, look at that doggo’s face! He loves fall, too! Fall Hike captures all the lovely colors we Michiganders see traversing the many countless park trails. Is there anything better than leaves crunching beneath your feet while you inhale the smell of wet foliage? We highly encourage you to also incorporate all of these colors into your wardrobe. We think you know what we’ll be doing.

#2 Friday Night Lights

An overview image of an empty football field
Is there anything better than tailgating (with a mask) before a Friday football game? There is just something magical about setting up in a parking lot with your tailgate down, flipping burgers on the grill, sipping Truly in your camping chairs, and surrounding yourself with the shouts of slightly buzzed people over an overly competitive cornhole game.
Us midwesterners take football very seriously. So, pack up your cooler, plaid blanket, and stocking cap, cozy up in the stands, and appreciate this amazing color palette encompassing all things Friday Night Lights.

#3 Halloween Party

If you don’t have at least 104 fall scented candles burning at once, what are you even doing with your life? Halloween may be canceled this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull together a costume, set up a Zoom call with friends, string some twinkle lights and throw in a black light to capture that perfect ghoulish purple glow.
We’re officially declaring Halloween 2020 the day we all watch spooky movies and make ourselves sick on candy we can’t hand out. We’ll be hosting a Halloween Party of one. Don’t miss the bold, bright and fun colors of this color palette due to a lack of creativity.
P.S. If you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus at least 15 times over the course of Halloween, you really don’t know how to celebrate anyhow.
This year’s palettes are a little different than in the past, and that’s because this is a crazy year. Let us know what you think about our pics! We can even set up a fall-themed Zoom call to talk about them.

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