The Healing Point

The "Blue Bridge" in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We’re writing this blog the week prior to the election. America is at a boiling point. When this blog publishes, who knows what crazy shit will have taken place? Another kidnapping plot? More violence breaking out across the country?
Our guesses are yes and yes. So what the hell do we do as communicators and humans?

Don’t fan the flames

This doesn’t mean staying quiet. There are a lot of people speaking, yelling and stomping their feet right now. Don’t add to it. When your brand chooses to speak, be succinct, knowledgeable and transparent. Don’t engage the trolls.
Communicators need to set an example, and a level head is needed now more than ever.

Stand up for what you believe in

Whether your brand chose to endorse a candidate prior to the election or not, we all need to get back to supporting the organizations doing the real work in our community. We will continue to advocate and speak up for the LGBTQ+ community, small businesses and communities of color. It’s important to us, and the results of an election will not change that.
Look around. People, businesses and organizations are hurting. Don’t wait for others to step up.

Support your community

A pandemic and an election have divided us. It’s time to move forward, together. We are proud Michiganders and Grand Rapidians. 8THIRTYFOUR was established in this community for a reason. We are resilient, and we care about each other. It’s one of the reasons we are involved in the Grand Rapids Chamber’s Opportunity Awaits campaign. It’s time to share the love we have for our cities and communities. 
I hope you’ll join us in spreading the love and pride we have for West Michigan and maybe, just maybe, we’ll start to heal.

Be kind

Kindness has been hard to come by these last four years. Those in powerful positions have fanned the flames of discontent, violence, racism, panic and more. It’s clear we can’t depend on those in positions of authority to do what is best for us. We have a choice and opportunity to take control and do what is right by our neighbors.
We can’t decide the future. We can decide how we will react to it. 
We are not this country. We are better than this. 

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