What Your Email REALLY Says

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At 8THIRTYFOUR, we pride ourselves on being straight forward. We almost always mean what we say and say what we mean. However, this blog is for those who are terrible at identifying passive aggressiveness. Not all of us can be as blunt as team 8THIRTYFOUR.
We’re taking a look at some of the most common email phrases and how they really come across.

Per my last email

Someone didn’t read the email. This is a stern way of saying, “Please stop, go back and read the email, and let’s all try again.” It’s so legendarily passive aggressive, you can find merch with this saying on it all over the place.

Thanks in advance

We are assuming you will stop what you’re doing and start doing our favor. So, we’ll thank you now. The choice has been made for you.

Looping back around on this

Um…hi. Remember us? We think “looping back around” feels better than assuming someone FORGOT ABOUT US. We’d hate to think you’d blatantly ignore us. Anyways, a simple yes or no on this will help us do our job.

As stated below

Please let us know if you’re having a hard time reading the correspondence because we 100% told you this already. But let us try saying in a slightly different way, just in case that helps.


We can’t always say LOL or LMAO. We’ve gotta shake things up a bit. You pay us to be entertaining. Also, there are several of us who are terrible at determining decrypting the acronyms (it’s Kim. Just Kim).


This might be our favorite way to end an email. What the hell does that even mean? Are you the best? Are we the best? We’re so confused.
Did we miss any? Share them with us in the blog comments. We’re itching to write a part 2. Also, reach out to us for a very genuine, not passive aggressive, conversation.

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