World Kindness Day

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Today is World Kindness Day, not something we generally make a big deal about…however, kindness seems to be in short supply lately. A global pandemic has made human interaction digital, meaning no hugs, touching or eye contact outside of a screen. A study by the American Psychological Association reports nearly 1 in 5 adults (19%) say their mental health is worse than it was at this time last year. We are in the midst of a national mental health crisis.
It’s why, today, on World Kindness Day we want to encourage you to spread the love.
Here are some simple ways to spread kindness today.

Coffee Line Pay-It-Forward

Pay for the car behind you in the Starbucks line. Trust that the chain reaction reaches someone who really needed that today.

Facetime someone you care about

Sometimes just reaching out and letting someone know you’ve been missing them is the best way to change someone’s day. Pull open your laptop or your phone and give ‘em a call. Oh and if you haven’t, check out the weird effects you can add with your iPhone. Making an ass out of yourself always puts a smile on another person’s face.

Ding-dong-ditch some treats to your neighbor

Package up (or go buy and repackage. We don’t judge) some chocolate chip cookies and drop them off at your neighbors’ house. You can also give them your leftover Halloween candy, but that’s kind of a d*ck move.

Hell, do something for yourself

World Kindness Day doesn’t just pertain to everyone else around you. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Self-care is SOOO important. Take a long bath, walk around the block on your lunch break, or put on your favorite movie paired with any and all alcoholic beverages. We are all about spreading the love.
For more ideas on how to make the most out of World Kindness Day, check out Then give us a call and say something nice.

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