Why Your Site Seriously Needs a Blog

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If you’re running a business, at some point you’ve debated the need to start a blog.  Will anyone read it? Will your (potential) customers care? Is it worth your time and effort? Yes, yes and yes.
Blogs are super important for sites. They are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to amplify your inbound efforts.
We should know. We are two-times-a-week bloggers, and we RARELY stray from that. We’re very faithful to our blog.

Boost your SEO

Search engines love fresh, valuable content and on a consistent schedule. Google is like a cat—it likes routine. When you’re consistent, Google will learn to check your site every Tuesday at 8:06 (or whenever you post your blog). Then it will eat it up and spit it out for other people to find it. Like we said, a lot like a cat (This is gross, Ro. We know this is you).
Do you publish once a week? Twice? Once a month? It depends on your visitors and your industry. But remember, consistency is key. If you post weekly, always post once a week. Monthly is the same story. We always suggest posting more frequently than not. It helps people find you. We’re pretty famous for our PR vs. Marketing vs. Advertising blog, and we wrote that like 7 years ago.

My blog brings all the visitors to the site

We sang this. Props if you know what song we’re referring to.
The best way to see ROI is to bring new people (customers) to your site! By using researched keywords in your content and cross-posting your blogs to other platforms like Google My Business, Lnk.Bio and social media, your blog reach will go real far…like super far.

Establish your company as a thought leader

Doesn’t the term, ‘thought leader’ sound so regal? Well, it kind of is, and blogging is a great way to stand out…as long as you are consistent. If we go to your site and see a blog from 2018 as your “recent news,” we are going to write you a strongly worded letter.
Sharing industry news for constructive conversation is going to be your bread and butter. You can discuss anything from industry trends, current events, projections for the coming quarters, or even weird unknown facts. Anything within the bounds of your brand goes.

Not blogging?

Well, you’re in the perfect place to start! When in doubt, check the metrics. Get a baseline of your numbers before you start blogging, so you can celebrate after you blog (#datanerdsunite). Once you start, take a good look at which blogs are most popular. Are there any that suck?
Another good idea is to rework popular blogs (we totally never do that). This is a great way to deliver the same relevant content, but in a different, prettier way. If they aren’t performing how you’d expect, then post those bad boys on social media, share in your email newsletter and encourage employees to share company content! This will help you spread the word and do it much quicker.
It’s always good to write something that people want to read. At the end of the day, yes, you’re trying to boost your SEO, but you’re also writing to people.
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions on blogging. We’ve got words…lots of words.

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