What We Do When We Aren’t Crushing It

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One of our Core Values is “We Work Harder than the Rest.” We don’t miss deadlines. We leverage every opportunity. We crush it.
The world of integrated communications never stops, so our team is adept at blending our time to always deliver for our clients while taking care of ourselves so that we are at our best. We are often asked, “When do you guys sleep? You are everywhere!”
The good news is we all get plenty of sleep – usually – and find time for other important things, too. Here are a few of our team’s favorite things to do when we aren’t actively crushing work for our clients:

Sarah: Baking it Up

I like to cook, but I LOVE to bake. It is total therapy. The careful measurements, the artistry of decorating, the creativity when you don’t follow the recipe precisely and wait with bated breath to see if you ruined something or not, I love it. (Related note: there are few baked goods that don’t improve with a tablespoon or two of good bourbon, promise.) Apple pie, scones, and cupcakes are my favorite, but I am also always looking for something new to tackle.
One of the best ways I support our clients is by being extremely detail oriented while never losing sight of the bigger picture – it’s just like laboriously decorating a cake – every step counts and the final product kicks ass.

Alex: Crushing the Coffee Game

With everything I do I strive to go all out and crush it. When I’m not crushing the digital marketing for our clients, I’m crushing a bomb-ass cup of coffee. I’m not putting in a K-Cup and calling it good here. I am laboriously researching the best coffee origins and farms, buying the raw product (unroasted), roasting that bean to perfection, grinding it and brewing it with the method that suits it best.
Is this taking it too far? No! (Despite what my coworkers say when they think I’m not listening.)
Now you may be asking yourselves, why coffee? Well, I posted a blog a while back about why coffee is similar to digital marketing. Give it a read and maybe you’ll be a coffee convert too.

Kayden: Jamming Out

Besides crushing our clients’ digital presence, my favorite pastime is definitely enjoying live music. Whether it’s one guy at 7 Monks with a ukulele, a jam band at The Score, or a multinational tour (like the Radiohead concert that I couldn’t get enough of on Sunday), nothing beats live music with some good friends and a beer.

Kim: Nature is Calling

Escaping to the woods is therapy for me. Heading up north to our cabin, set on 20 picturesque acres, is absolute bliss. Whether I am sitting on the front porch watching the dogs run laps, reading a book or catching up on work – there is just something about being surrounded by massive trees, chirping birds, and no people.

Emily: Yelling at the TV

When I’m not at work, and depending on the time of the year, you will likely find me watching Michigan State football or basketball games with my friends and family. I am a proud alumna and half of my wardrobe consists of MSU gear. If I am not traveling to East Lansing to watch the games in person, I won’t miss a second when it’s on TV. Sometimes I let the excitement of the game get the best of me and I get rather….loud. Go Green!

Chelsea: Yoga + Outdoor Adventures

I’m a certified yoga instructor, so when I’m not at 8THIRTYFOUR crushing it, I like to spend time moving on my mat or spreading the yoga love to others. It’s the best feeling to be able to give my mind a rest after looking at a computer screen, and get my body moving after sitting at my desk. I also love to be outside, whether it’s playing fetch with my dog, going on a hike, or sitting on a patio drinking a margarita. Sometimes when I’m feeling creative, I’ll combine the two and do yoga outside.
How do you find balance to bring your best every day? We would love to grab a cup of coffee and find out.

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