Marketing Plans for Manufacturers

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In the United States alone, manufacturing produces 18.2% of the world’s goods and serves as a key component of the GDP (in 2016, it was $2.25 TRILLION – with a “T”!).
If you manage marketing efforts within the manufacturing industry, you know the importance of a kick ass marketing plan that leverages this huge economic impact alongside your company’s core values. We love working with companies in this industry because there is so much potential for creativity and opportunity.
A proper marketing plan can affect the success of your business and whether or not you reach your goals in any industry; here are some special considerations for your marketing plan if you work within manufacturing:

What Value Are You Adding?

It is important clearly identify the value you are providing to your audience. Whether it be in the product that you’re producing, the service you’re providing to your customers, or the content you produce, it is key that you know what sets your business apart from the rest of the industry.
If you aren’t happy with your answer to this question, then it is time to reevaluate what the market wants and adjust. Think of your audience and put yourself in that frame of mind to offer them solutions or education that is meaningful.

Define the Right Audience

It is necessary that your value proposition and differentiating factors are communicated to the right audience. Your content won’t matter until you know it’s reaching the right people.
If you are unsure, then the first place to look is at your engagement metrics. Look into how people are interacting with your website and any other digital presence you have. These numbers will help you know if your audience is relevant and what platforms they are on most.
If you don’t like what you see, it is time to readjust to align your messaging and audience.

Learn from the Data

If you learn from data, you can build off of what is already successful. Tracking where leads and conversions come from will help determine what is working and where you should invest your marketing dollars.
Once you establish what is working, you can start to test different variables, and see how you may be able to improve your efforts. Marketing is a data-driven effort and there are numerous valuable resources that you should be leveraging.
Need help? Check out our tips on how to build a manufacturing brand online – or better yet – connect with us to talk about how we can help make sure your marketing plan is delivering the results you desire.

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