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handwritten text stating "Is Writing a Lost Art?" in purple on a notebook with teal squiggles on the corner

Is Writing a Lost Art?

We’re beginning to think writing will soon be a lost art, like cursive writing. Apparently, not everyone had a 3rd-grade teacher (thanks Mrs. Thomasma) who

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A person wearing a cuff bracelet and a watch, typing on a laptop. A pad of paper with a plant on top, and some eyeglasses and pens, lay next to it.

The Integrated Process

This blog is a two-parter, the first was published in December….then COVID happened and we pivoted, which is exactly what your marketing and communications should

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The Twitter icon is superimposed on a blue background with white text that reads, "Unless Twitter makes drastic efforts to provide a better, more relevant experience to users, it won't be around too much longer."

Is Twitter Dying?

Word on the street is that Twitter isn’t doing so hot. But, this isn’t exactly news. For the last couple of years, experts have speculated

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