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We love to write. The two blogs a week and countless social posts are a testament to that. We make a point to ensure the content we create reflects our brand—edgy, sarcastic, funny and smart. 
Finding topics that will resonate with your target audience while also keeping content fresh and engaging is really hard. We like to think we do this pretty well. It seems you guys are reading what we put out there, so that’s a good sign.
Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Know Your Voice

If you’re not sure who you are, any message you’re trying to relay is going to be lost or garbled. Companies need to define their brand and then wholeheartedly embrace and communicate it in everything they do. 
The other day, we were looking through old 8THIRTYFOUR blogs and came upon one written in 2009. What was extremely interesting was it could’ve been written today, because it had the same tone and voice as we do in the present. 
If you’re at a loss where to start, read our blog on building an effective elevator speech

Identify Relevant Topics

Seems like a no-brainer, right? If you’re not in tune with your customer base, any content you create won’t resonate with them. It’s kind of like Google Search. The way you would conduct an online search regarding your industry is going to be very different than how a potential customer will search. 
What are the questions you get from customers on a regular basis? What content performs well on your social channels? What are trending topics in your industry? 
Keep in mind the more personal you are, the better your content will perform. Your customers want to know the people behind your brand. Consider team profiles or blogs on your culture. 

Define your goal

Are you creating content just to have content? Before you start writing for social, email marketing, blogs, video, advertising, etc. you need to determine what you want the content to accomplish. Is it a recruitment tool? For business development? To establish yourself as an expert or thought leader in your industry? 
The goal of your content is also going to drive the avenue you choose. For example, if you are hiring, develop a video that illustrates your culture and include interviews from other employees. 
If you want to communicate quality of work, create an infographic with statistics and facts that showcase your process.
To summarize, ask yourself the following questions before creating content:

  1. What is the point I need to convey?
  2. What action do I want my audience to take?
  3. What will resonate with them?
  4. How do I grab their attention?

Knowing how to connect with audiences is what we do, and telling stories is our jam. Reach out to us, and we’ll do what we do best: crush content.

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