How To Humanize Your Brand

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No matter your business or brand, you have one thing in common with every single business out there. Behind the logo, there are humans. Where these businesses differ is in the fact that not all of them will find ways to capture the human side of their brand in order to connect with their audience. You can. And you should. The new generation of consumers is not interested in faceless, heartless corporations…they want to do business with humans. They aren’t loyal to brands, they are loyal to people. If your business doesn’t recognize this, you risk missing a valuable opportunity. If you’re ready to connect with your audience, here are some ways you can humanize your brand.

Show Humans (or animals)

Want to humanize your brand? Put humans behind. And in front of it. Show faces and personality. People like to see people and are more likely to connect with a brand that they have something in common with. Some of our best performing posts on social media feature people being people, sharing the things they love or simply revealing the faces behind our company. People also trust people over brands, especially Millennials. So, as you’re planning Facebook posts or PR opportunities, think about ways to get your employees in front of your customers.
Oh, and pets. Pets also work. We love our pets.

Have a Voice

People don’t want to hear corporate speak. While you do need to keep it professional (don’t rant about the fight you had with your S.O. on your business page) you don’t need to keep it stuffy. If your staff is funny, be funny. If you have a laid-back work environment, be laid-back. If you share funny gifs or jokes on the team chat, share them on your page. Chances are, your audience will find them funny too.
From within your organization, choose the voice that best represents who you are as a company and embrace it. At 8THIRTYFOUR, we know our shit but we also swear once in awhile, we love a glass of wine (or two) and can sometimes be pretty funny. We’re sassy, straightforward and passionate. That’s a tone that was set by founder, Kim Bode, ten years ago and has been consistent ever since.
So, decide who you are, own it, and share it.


If your audience likes you, they’ll want to connect with you. They want to ask questions, learn more and engage. Engage back. Answer their questions, like their comments and let them into your world.
You should also interact with their pages, photos, and posts. Show your audience you care about them by asking questions about them, learning about their brands and engaging!


People also love stories. They can relate to them because they have them. So, share yours. Share your startup story, a funny story from your day, or a personal story that will resonate with your audience. Stories are why we feel like we know fictional characters in real life. It’s why we get sad when they die (R.I.P DOBBY!) and why we connect so deeply to the characters in our favorite movies. They have stories we can relate to. The more relatable, the more we connect.
So, tell your story. Share a little bit about your life and invite your audience to be a part of it.  

Be Yourself

Most importantly, the easiest way to humanize your brand is to just be yourself! Don’t spend a long time trying to find your voice or your personality; you already have them. You will want to spend a little time figuring out the best way to harness them in ways that will resonate with your audience but, if you’re being yourself, they will be able to tell, and they will appreciate it.
Want to tell us a little bit about your brand? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out and say hello.

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