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This blog is a two-parter, the first was published in December….then COVID happened and we pivoted, which is exactly what your marketing and communications should do.

As a quick refresher, we were talking about our integrated communication process and how it applies to our clients. Our process, the 8THIRTYFOURmula is unique to us. We spent a lot of time mapping it out, testing it, and improving it. It’s a tried and proven process, and we put it to work for you.
In our last blog, we covered:

  • Step 1: Meet Your Amazing Team
  • Step 2: Develop a Kickass Strategy

Now it’s time to get down to the other steps of our great process.

Step 3: Create Awesome Stuff

This is the step where everyone tends to get a little impatient. You want to press ‘go,’ but first we need to create all the awesome stuff outlined in the strategy. For example, the strategy identified email marketing as an important tool for communicating with customers. That means an email platform needs to be set up, templates need to be designed, and a schedule and content have to be outlined, and that’s all just to start. Everything needs to be tied back to the goals you mapped out in Step 2. There is also the need to create the company’s social media channels, design and develop the website, create marketing collateral, implement marketing automation, develop landing pages for the campaigns mapped out in the strat, set up digital advertising, plan out public relation pitches and releases, build media lists…overwhelmed yet? Honestly, when we get to this step, clients realize the amount of work that goes into creating all the necessary tools to implement the strategy. Then they hand us the reins.

Step 4: Implement Kickass Strategy

We’re just trying to use kickass as many times as possible in this blog. Is it working? A lot of agencies drop the ball in the implementation phase. However, this is where 8THIRTYFOUR really shines. Implementing the strategy is perhaps our most favorite thing, next to craft cocktails and iced red wine. We get to put the strategy to work and deliver results for our clients. See, we believe in the work we’ve done up to this point, and now we get to demonstrate the effectiveness.

Step 5: Report

Everything we do is tied back to data. It’s the only way to measure success or identify areas that need improvement. Take the image below for example. This is an excerpt from one of our monthly client reports. You can see we report on all areas, from PR to social media to email marketing, and then we make recommendations based on this data. Then we implement those recommendations. Cool, right?
Page 1 of an 8THIRTYFOUR monthly report.Page 2 of an 8THIRTYFOUR monthly report.

Can you remember a time your current agency or marketing partner shared this level of in-depth info with you? It’s important for the relationships we have with our clients be built on trust, and that means being completely transparent in all that we do.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process, shoot us an email at or fill out the form below and we’ll send you our Marketing on a Shoestring Budget e-book.

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