Is Writing a Lost Art?

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We’re beginning to think writing will soon be a lost art, like cursive writing. Apparently, not everyone had a 3rd-grade teacher (thanks Mrs. Thomasma) who beat you with a ruler if you didn’t get your “a”s just so. Fear is one hell of a motivator. 

We digress. With social media, Gen Z slang and abbreviations, it seems we’re getting lazier and lazier when communicating our thoughts or opinions. One of the most sought-after skills for anyone in the communication field is writing. Whether for blogging, email newsletters, social posts, press releases, pitches, collateral…the list is endless. 

The world is built on content, yet it seems fewer and fewer people are able to write effectively for their audiences.

In an effort to inspire you to write and write a lot, here are some tips to make it seem less intimidating.

Keep it simple.

We just got done explaining how people are more apt to abbreviate than use actual words, so do you really think that 1500 word blog is gonna resonate with anyone?

Keep it simple. Harvard Business Review states that simplicity increases what scientists call the brain’s “processing fluency.” Short sentences, familiar words, and clean syntax ensure that the reader doesn’t have to exert too much brainpower to understand your meaning.

In other words, people don’t want your fancy words and sentences; they want content in digestible chunks. 

The details matter.

When we say details, we don’t mean you need to tell us what Bob was wearing on Tuesday, August 9th at 9:00 a.m. while he made his way to work. Instead, tell us why Bob keeps the same routine every day and how that impacts his productivity and mental health. Details are important, but they need to be the right details. 

Use descriptive words. Instead of saying “a cat ran by,” say “the tabby cat sprinted by.” Which sentence appeals to you more? Immediately you are envisioning a multi-colored cat jetting past you. Don’t use more words. Use better words.

Be interesting.

This should really be a given; however, we’ve read some real boring things lately. It doesn’t matter what topic you are writing about. It could be overcrowded ports due to the pandemic, favorite summer patios or managing Gen Zs; you need to find the hook and unique angle. 

Bring emotion into your writing. Readers can sense when you are passionate about a subject. Humor is another great way to keep your readers engaged. Try sprinkling sarcasm throughout a blog or social posts.

Perhaps, our best piece of advice is to keep it conversational and approachable. You can still educate while entertaining.

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