This Month in Media

This Month in Media

Well howdy do, it’s 2023. We plan to start out every blog for the immediate future reminding ourselves it’s 2023 – apologies in advance.

As you know, we like to do a recap of some of the stories we got to tell on behalf of our clients in the previous month or so. It’s a nice reminder to ourselves how amazing we are at public relations as well as celebrate all the amazing press we’ve gotten our clients.

This past month we delved into scholarships, mocktails and Christmas. The perfect trifecta. 

Take a look.

8THIRTYFOUR – The Marketing Dish 

We bet you thought you saw the last of us in the limelight, but we are back and better than ever. Whether we are doling out the marketing knowledge or schooling you on how to better your brand voice, we are quite literally everything you need and more on the marketing front. We chatted with Authority Mag on some much-needed and long time coming changes to the marketing industry and we shared our tips on getting the most out of your Google Business Page with the Great Lakes Floral Association.

Lights on Creston – All of the Winter Vibes

Santa? Lights? Boozy hot chocolate? The west side brought the heat to this chilly December and we are living to tell the tale. With a few of our community partners; Urban Massage, Kingma’s Market, Creston Brewery, and Best in Creston, we were able to raise funds and clout for the Crestib community. Kicking it with the WZZM crew, Grand Rapids Magazine, WOOD-TV 8, and of course a few of GR’s finest content creators on socials brought all of the festive vibes we were going for. We have been gassing Lights on Creston up for a minute now, check out our case study for the full scoop on our bada*s holiday event.

Cleo & Co. Mixers – Dry January What?!

Pick a beverage any beverage because we are serving mocktails AND cocktails (even better) this year. We’re giving: bartender, and we are up for the challenge. Our east side friends Kickstand Brewing Company popped off with fruity and classic flavors alike for the launch of their premium cocktail mixers and were a hot commodity:

Dry January aside, Cleo has a little bit of something for everyone. What’re yous still doing here? Go get your sip on!

Inforum – Getting the Scholarship Bag

Do we really need to say anything about them anymore? They’re constantly shutting down the earned media and we are constantly down to pitch their epic sh*t. If it’s not a capstone dinner and networking moment for our team, they’re coming correct on the scholarship front. In addition to a chat with the legendary WGVU Morning Show Host, Shelley Irwin, they were also mentioned in; The Grand Rapids Business Journal, and Michigan Business Network. Who doesn’t love to hear about diversity in the corporate world?!

Well, that is that on that. We will be back for more client wins (so long as we remember) in no time. Ta, ta, for now.

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