Case Study: Lights on Creston

A toddler is window shopping and pointing to some baked goods "Lights on Creston Case Study"

Guess what? It’s freakin’ Christmas. 

The holidays are here, and if you didn’t know, we’re huge fans. We have twelve (yes, twelve) trees in the office, wreaths all over the doors, and buffalo plaid on every surface.

With that in mind, you can only imagine our excitement when we heard we’d have the opportunity to work on a holiday event for the Creston Neighborhood in Grand Rapids. We absolutely jumped at the opportunity and, well, it’s been pretty fantastic. Did we mention you’re invited? Yeah, you’d better show up. December 8th. Mark it.

The Goals

Our goal? Spread holiday cheer around the neighborhood! Oh, and also do all of these other things:

  • Work with Best in Creston and the North Quarter Corridor Improvement Authority to design and coordinate a neighborhood-wide event to bring awareness to the Creston neighborhood
  • Drive foot traffic and local shoppers to Creston businesses
  • Encourage local businesses to get involved with giveaways or events
  • Feature local artisans from GR and the surrounding area
  • Generate enough volunteers to staff the whole thing
  • Have fun things for kids, adults, and everyone else to do
  • Create a memorable, scalable event we can do every year
  • Make it look damn good

No big deal, right? Right.

Bring on the Cheer

With all those goals in mind, it was time to get to work. Our team hit the pavement, fired up our computers, made some calls, and got our developer pants on. By now, you should know everything we do is integrated, so this campaign meant we had to do a bunch of things before the holiday season rolled around. 

Like what? Well, we:

  • Designed a logo and accompanying branding
  • Created and printed a bunch of materials, like posters, table tents, yard signs, and more
  • Took over managing social media for the event, complete with graphics, posts, a Facebook event, and all that jazz
  • Designed, wrote, and built a brand new website just for the annual event
  • Drove volunteers, businesses and local artisans to sign up for the event
  • Assisted with organizing an artisan market
  • Helped distribute flyers all around the Creston neighborhood
  • Lined up influencers for the big event
  • Launched social ads to spread the word
  • And…well, you get the idea.

The Results

…are yet to come! We’ve got the website for all you curious people out there, but the best part about this project? The event’s coming up in a few days! We’re spreading the word (yet again) through this blog. Clever, huh?

Anyway, swing by Creston on December 8th from 4-8pm for some good ol’ holiday cheer. There’ll be pictures with Santa, holiday cocktails, prizes, live performances, and a whole lot more. Who would want to miss that? Not us.

Oh, and stop by 8THIRTYFOUR for a little something special from us to you. We’ll see you then!

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