Let’s Get Thankful

An array of different colored pumpkins sit on top of a wooden table "Let's Get Thankful"

These blogs are a great reminder when we’re having a shit day to remember we have the best clients, team, family, co-workers, pets and more. It’s a good reminder to make gratitude the norm and to not take anything for granted.

It’s pretty great to work with people you really, truly like…the spontaneous bar outings help too.

Our Clients

We made a promise to ourselves we would only work with people and businesses we respect, which means we really, truly love the people we work for. 

We’re thankful to all of our clients for being just as kickass as we are (or at least close). 

Our Animals

Our dog friendly office brings a new level of calm and sometimes chaos to our lives. We’re grateful dog diapers were invented and for the copious amounts of spot cleaner, and furminators we have available to us. There’s nothing like dog hair in your coffee first thing in the morning. 

Our First 8THIRTYFOUR Baby

Complete confusion on Derek's face as he asked if the baby carrier is for carrying the baby

This holiday season, we’re thankful for late night runs to Speedway to grab a slushy that will only have 1 or 2 sips taken out of it. Then, in the morning, grab an iced mocha latte from Starbucks only to get back home and realize you got the wrong thing, so you go back but this time you also need to grab a breakfast sandwich from McDonalds but you already passed it so you gotta turn around because your wife is pregnant AF but your also grateful AF because you’re not the one carrying the baby around for 9 (it’s actually 10, Derek) months so you do what you gotta do. 

Our Caffeine & Thirsty Thursdays

Our team essentials: Starbucks shaken espresso, the local coffee shop runs (Sparrows Coffee we are looking at you), and those Thirsty Thursdays in-office, we owe it all to you. With caffeine being our motivation we have had the brainpower to tell some of the best stories for our bomb a*s clients. We quite frankly would not be able to afford cute office decor, booze, and Christmas trees (15 and counting) without the essentials operating as the backbone of our company. We shall now enter Christmas mode, bye! 

We also couldn’t go without saying how grateful we are for the local bakeries and Paneras who supply us with carbs that fuel us throughout the day. We really love food. The party store right next door to us is why we picked this location in the first place. Thank you for providing us with the fuel to get us through the day. We are thankful for the LARGE alcohol section, the saltiest of chips, the beefest of beef jerky, sugarest of candy and orange monsters.

Our Team

This one is sappy, but we are thankful for the love and support this team has for each other! We are oh so thankful for our team, who make every day an adventure. Life would be so boring without all of you. We’re also grateful for coworkers who understand what it’s like to work in a fast-paced industry and who show up with a little surprise every now and then for the whole team. 

We have a talented, cohesive team that works hard to cultivate a positive work environment and quality work for our clients. We’re thankful for leadership that recognizes the humanity in its team and set us up for success in both our personal lives and professional lives. 

Honorable mention goes to Adobe Creative Suite, Grammarly and Canva.

From all of us, to all of you…Happy Thanksgiving!

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