All We Want for Christmas

Some gifts and Christmas decorations lie on top of a red table "All We Want for Christmas"

Unlike Mariah Carey, we do care what presents are under the Christmas tree. As professional ball jugglers, there are certain things that keep us sane, organized and happy….and we’re sharing them with all of you.

Some are local, some are not – but all are fantastic items to put on your list.

reMarkable Tablet

Kim lives and dies by this thing and we’re certain she is using maybe 5% of its features. Essentially reMarkable is a digital notebook where you can take notes, make lists, mark up documents up and turn your chicken scratch into type. It also syncs with Google Drive, which is the only way we manage anything around here. 

It retails for too much, but think of all the paper you’ll save…I mean that will add up to savings in like 10 years or so. It’s like $299 but you have to buy the pen, monthly subscription and also the case…by the time your all said and done it’s like $400. So yeah, not cheap.

Notebooks, Notecards & Pens

We’re big on correspondence around here, the snarkier the better. Just this past week we went shopping in Ada for Small Business Saturday and dropped some serious coin at Pursuit Gift Shop on stationary, wrapping paper, gift bags, pens, cards and more. You won’t get out of there spending less than a $100. Everything in there is handpicked or created by the owner and we think that’s pretty damn cool. If you’re too lazy to shop in person, you can buy online and Abbey, the owner, picks them out herself and will drop them off at your house or you can pick up at the shop. 

By the way, this is your reminder to send notes, all the notes to people. There is nothing like getting a handwritten card in the mail letting someone know you care. It’s pretty priceless.

Warmth & Buffalo Plaid

Give us everything in buffalo plaid, and we mean everything – blankets, hats, coats, ornaments – EVERYTHING. It’s our most favorite pattern in the whole wide world and Michigan’s very own Stormy Kromer is the best place to get all of it.

Their new winter line is pretty badass, which means you can buy everything you need for the people on your list. 

Also their collab with Kalamazoo Candle Company is awesome and the candles smell amazing. It’s a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift. 

Remote Start

We live in Michigan. Michigan is cold. 

Just take Selena for instance, every morning she has to decide if she wants to damage the engine by not letting the car warm up or stay inside and sleep for a few more minutes. Most mornings she chooses sleep and warmth, but don’t tell her dad this.  Why not ice two cookies with one knife (get it) and buy a remote start for your car. In the long run you save money by not having to replace car parts, and you won’t need the thick gloves and blankets you bought to keep in your car to wrap around yourself as you wait for the car to get warm. In our eyes its a great 100-200 dollar investment if you are lazy and cold like Selena. 

We’re too lazy and cold to start our cars, we want those babies warmed up and waiting for us when we finish guzzling our coffee and head out the door. 

We hope you’re shopping local this year and we hope to see you at Lights on Creston December 8th from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Stop by the Artisan Market at Creston Brewery and stock up on holiday gifts.

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